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Boulder Tech Census 2018

The latest insights into Boulder's startup performance, tech workforce, fundraising ecosystem, and the Boulder tech community.

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About the Report

On June 5th, the Powderkeg national innovation network launched a data initiative called the Boulder Tech Census. Nearly 100 tech founders, employees, investors and other Boulder tech leaders weighed in on the growing tech community they call home. The resulting data answers questions such as: 

  • Exactly how fast are Boulder startups growing?
  • Why do technology professionals love the Boulder tech culture?
  • Why might Boulder startups present some of the most interesting venture opportunities in the country?

Boulder's Startup Culture? GiveFirst, Openness, Community

The Tech Community & Culture is the #1 reason why tech professionals choose to work in Boulder

Cara Jo MillerFounder, Girl Develop It Boulder & Denver

The great thing about Boulder and Denver is that people come here from a lot of different places, and we bring our diverse perspectives with us.

Boulder Startups Are on a Rapid Growth Curve

Joe ThurmanCEO, Jobber Group

The biggest opportunity for tech in the Denver-Boulder area is connectivity. We are centrally located and have an international airport. You can easily get to any coast or any location from here. We are a natural location for a major hub, and that’s an exciting opportunity for us.

Nearly ten percent of surveyed Boulder startups grew revenue over 180% in 2017.  

The Boulder Tech Scene Values Diversity and Inclusion

83% of respondents agree that Boulder is a collaborative and open tech community.

Virginia SantyFounder & CEO, Women in Kind

The Denver and Boulder area represents this great opportunity to really think about how we are generating an inclusive economy.

The Denver Tech Census is a collaboration of the following corporate and local partners