The 2018 Cincinnati Tech Census

New data and compelling insights on Cincinnati's startup performance, tech workforce, fundraising ecosystem, and the StartupCincy tech community.

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About the Report

On May 17th, the Powderkeg national innovation network launched a data initiative called The Cincinnati Tech Census. 150 tech founders, employees, investors and other greater Cincinnati tech leaders weighed in on the growing tech community they call home. The resulting data answers questions such as: 

  • How do Cincy startup growth rates stack up against national benchmarks?
  • What are the top three core values of StartupCincy, and how do you live them?
  • How much more affordable is it to found a startup in Cincy, and why does this set up some of the best venture opportunities in the country?

Cincinnati is a Magnet for Tech Talent

71% of respondents went to college outside of Ohio.

Summer CrenshawCOO/CMO & Co-Founder, tilr

We should not be apologetic for being from the Midwest. We grow up thinking we’ve got to get out of Ohio or get out of the Midwest and get to the big city. Well, I did that and I boomeranged right back.

Cincinnati Startups are Growing Fast and Scaling Efficiently

Dave KnoxAuthor & Co-Founder of Brandery

When you look at the Cincinnati ecosystem and what we call StartupCincy, I always like to say that we’re going through our third wave of entrepreneurial growth right now. The amazing thing about Cincinnati is that it was a city started by entrepreneurs, the pioneers that drove West back in the 1800s. That first wave of entrepreneurship gave us companies like Kroger, Procter and Gamble, and the Fortune 500s of today.

Cincinnati startup growth vs. national startup growth rates (2017).

Cincinnati's Startup Culture? Community, Collaboration, and Hustle

72% of respondents are enjoying their journey as a tech professional in the Cincinnati region.

Bjorn K SimmonsChief Strategy Officer, Wyzerr

Cincinnati is going through a renaissance. This is no longer a flyover city, and Ohio is no longer a flyover state when it comes to entrepreneurship and tech. 

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