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Connections fuel startup growth

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Powderkeg is the connections engine for startups between the coasts.

We are actively connecting tech founders, professionals, investors, and corporations across the country.


Our Partners

Startup communities between the coasts are in a race for new capital and talent. Data from the U.S. Tech Census helps make your case.

Read, listen and watch stories of innovation between the coasts.

Powderkeg bridges the gap that previously separated diverse groups of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Powderkeg is an awesome entrepreneurial community where we can grow our business.
Matt Gordon CEO and Co-founder at EXPECTED BEHAVIOR
Powderkeg Partner Connect helped us ink a deal with the CTO of a major retailer with over 300 stores nationally. This could manifest into a three-figure growth percentage for our company.
Joe Melton VP of Sales at BoxFox
The Powderkeg launch into Kansas City was as powerful as all of the digital marketing we did. When we formally went into business, the tech community already knew who we were. Now KC is one of our best cities.
Travis Hall Former CMO at ClusterTruck