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Top EdTech Companies

Top EdTech Companies

EdTech is transforming education in 2023 through personalized learning, virtual classrooms, and skill-based training. It bridges gaps in global education, preparing learners for a rapidly evolving future.

Keep reading to learn who’s hiring, who’s trending, expert insights from executives in the EdTech industry, and more.

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Top EdTech Companies

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Top EdTech Companies

Our world has changed significantly with the introduction of new technological advances in the last century. But, we rarely stop to think how children and our younger generations adapt to and use technology to improve their lives.

In this deep-dive, we’ll discover how edtech and software in the education industry has shifted over the years, what companies have emerged as leaders, and how you can find a job in the fast-moving edtech industry.

While India continues to produce edtech and software unicorns at a rapid pace, the United States is still the crown jewel for innovation in the education space. Look no further than the Unvalley and the West Coast. It seems that every day features a new, high-profile edtech startup or edtech funding news.

Before understanding where the edtech space is today, let’s first take a trip down memory lane. Who were the first movers? Where were they located? How did they fare versus the titans of industry that preceded them?

Although the “edtech” wave informally began in the 60s and 70s, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that online education became accessible for the average joe. Seen as a pioneer in the industry, MIT first started offering online classes in 2002. Then came DeVry and Phoenix University, both of whom are 100% online colleges today and were revolutionized by the invention of tele- and videoconferencing.

Today, the software industry has crept into the sometimes-antiquated education industry in the form of billion-dollar valuations and unicorn statuses. Among them are Handshake, Masterclass, Udemy, Coursera and Duolingo.

These companies – and most in edtech – have many things in common. First and most obvious, the edtech world is digitizing education. Contributing to so many other positive benefits, digitization allows content to scale at rapid paces instead of students needing to carry physical books and visit a school campus. Instead, you can access elite courses and educational resources from your couch. Coursera and Udemy created marketplaces for courses and lessons that anyone who wants to learn about coding, painting, math or engineering can take from their own home. Revolutionary!

Second, edtech companies are democratizing education for all when in the past, only the rich and wealthy had access to top-notch schooling, professors and resources. Take Masterclass for example: For a monthly cost, you can learn tennis from Serena Williams, basketball from Steph Curry or gymnastics fundamentals from Simone Biles. And, that’s just sports! Their topics range from fashion and cooking to art and finance taught by experts in their fields.

Lastly, they have made education far cheaper. Instead of today’s students being somewhat forced into universities and colleges that charge an arm and a leg in tuition and entangle alumni with thousands of dollars in debt, students can pay on-demand at a far lower cost due to economies of scale. Duolingo, an Unvalley-based language learning platform, is free for consumers!

Because of these few world-changing consequences and so many more, edtech is experiencing a flurry of venture investment from all over the globe, including top firms like Andreesen Horowitz and Tiger Global. And, nations and cultures that had previously been left out of the new age of education and technology realms are finally getting access to new information.

Next, you’ll learn about the education companies changing the industry with new technologies and softwares.

Jobs at the Best EdTech Companies

Check out these opportunities at exciting EdTech startups.
Senior Software Engineer - Platform
Online MBA Student
IU Kelley School of Business
Technical Support Engineer, Tier 2
Panorama Education
Regional Sales Operations Manager, AMER
Software Engineer - District Integrations
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EdTech Companies

When you think of edtech companies, who first comes to mind? Learning management systems? Digital course marketplaces? Classroom tech?

The edtech industry is broad. With new trends come new education technology news and resources. EdSurge, a board and community that supports the edtech market and serves as a edtech hub for news, is constantly have to chase edtech stories as they appear around the world. A quick glance at their website reveals that education is changing at perhaps its fastest rate yet. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many universities, higher education institutions and schools were shuttered and forced to operate virtually.

As personal development has become a keystone of the employee experience, learning management systems (or LMSs) have gotten an incredible share of venture funding in the last few years. COVID-19 and the pandemic accelerated the increasing importance of a workplace’s role in and support of employees’ personal lives. As startups, large institutions and technologists innovate further, expect a lot more news and funding from this sector of the edtech market in the coming years.

Course marketplaces have already taken the world by storm. But again, expect massive growth and more companies to emerge in this formidable edtech area. As education has digitized and democratized for individuals around the world, course marketplaces like Bay Area-based Coursera, Udacity and Udemy have surged to record valuations (worth $7+ billion, $1+ billion and $4+ billion, respectively).

Technology has also leaked into classrooms. Some of the largest classroom edtech platforms include DC-based Blackboard, Salt Lake City-headquartered Canvas and Aussie-led Moodle. Each of these growing companies provides elearning tools, virtual classroom options and extensive analytics to help educators better understand how and what to teach their students.

To get a deeper glance at the Unvalley edtech scene where major strides are being made, continue reading. Further, if you’re interested in landing a new position in edtech – whether software engineering, talent resources, marketing or finance – sign up for the free Powderkeg talent matching service. Find and apply for your dream job in minutes!

EdTech Companies That Are Hiring

Check out these EdTech Startups that are currently hiring.
London - Unibuddy helping universities and students to attract, engage and convert prospects through peer interactions. It also changes the way universities attract, inform and recruit students by placing peer interactions and instant messaging at the core of its solutions. By embedding their tools into their websites, universities allow prospective applicants to chat with their student ambassadors and join group discussions in a matter of seconds. Unibuddy platform and your students provide a ready stream of content and a deeper insight into your market’s motivations. They allow prospects wherever they are to get to know the real​ you and make the right decision and through online peer-to-peer connections. Unibuddy was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in London, England, UK.
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Chicago - Packback is a social learning platform powered by a proprietary A.I. that college professors use to help their students fall in love with the subject matter, drive personalized learning, and most importantly, quantify and improve critical thinking skills.
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Chicago - BenchPrep offers a learner success platform to improve engagement and outcomes for learners around the globe. A recognized expert in learner success, BenchPrep partners with organizations that administer certification, credentialing, test prep, and continuing education programs to deliver customized enterprise SaaS solutions. Many of the world’s largest assessment companies use BenchPrep's platform to provide a personalized, omni-channel learning experience to their own users within a single ecosystem. By leveraging the power of technology, data, UX expertise, and innovative instructional design, BenchPrep has helped to make learning more effective, efficient, and enjoyable for more than 3 million learners worldwide.
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Chicago - Upkey is a provider of remote career readiness and talent engagement tools for students, universities, and companies. The company's platform provides students with innovative tools including personal branding services and materials, vast network reach of jobs and opportunities, and on-demand services based on professional needs, enabling competitive candidates to polish, present, and brand themselves more effectively and amplifies their success in transitioning into the professional world. UpKey was founded in 2016 by Amir Badr, Mark Pawloski, and Mo Bitar.
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Madrid - Ironhack is a global school offering full time and part time courses in Web Development and UX/UI design. Ironhack was ranked as the #2 student-rated coding and design bootcamp in the world by national rating site Switch Up. Since 2013, with campuses in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City & Berlin, Ironhack has graduated over 5,000+ students who are building their careers at global companies like Google, Visa, and Twitter. Ironhack was founded by Gonzalo Manrique and Ariel Quinones and is headquartered in Miami.
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Immersive Labs
Bristol - Immersive Labs develops a platform that measures and improves cybersecurity skills across businesses. It builds cyber skills content that rewards critical thinking, problem-solving, and curiosity. Immersing teams in challenges covering everything from spelling the word cyber to using technical tools, threat hunting, and reverse-engineering malware. All seamlessly accessed from the browser with no installation needed. Allowing users to complete objectives from anywhere and on any device. Immersive Labs empowers businesses to continuously develop skills, including ethical web hacking; ethical infrastructure hacking; reverse engineering; IoT/firmware security; and advanced cyber warrior CTF Challenges for enterprises, government, defense, and law enforcement agencies. The company was headquartered in Bristol, England in 2017 by James Hadley.
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Tampa - Transforming tutoring to empower college students to build skills for success in the classroom & 21st-century workplace.
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EdTech Jobs

As more funding and resources are devoted to the growth of the education technology industry, edtech jobs are becoming more abundant. Do you want to work for a company shaping how the future of education is shaped? Are you passionate about helping the next billion online get opportunities that were once thought to be impossible?

Previously exclusive to the coasts and startup hubs like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and New York City, innovation is happening in Middle America. Join the movement. Rise with the rest of the United States as we cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship, forward-thinking and hard work.

The Unvalley is full of opportunities, especially in the education space. Whether you’re looking for an “edtech job near me,” you want to make a career shift to a different part of the country, or would like to work remotely for an organization making strides in the edtech space, Powderkeg has your back.

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