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Top HealthTech Companies

Top HealthTech Companies

HealthTech is predicted to skyrocket from $245 billion to $809 billion between 2023 and 2030 due to a dire need for better patient experiences, lower costs, and ways to treat an aging population amidst a physician shortage.

Keep reading to learn who’s hiring, who’s trending, expert insights from executives in the Health Tech industry, and more.

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Top HealthTech Companies
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Insights from the Community

Read insights from executives in the Powderkeg community about the biggest shifts, trends and opportunities in Health Tech.
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Scott Law
Founder and CEO
What is the impact or change that your product is driving?
Zotec simplifies the business of healthcare, so providers can do what they do best—care for patients. Our data solutions empower healthcare practices with insight to optimize financial performance, while our intuitive platforms support patients with interactive tools to seamlessly engage during the payment process. We’re reimagining the healthcare financial experience, one patient at a time.
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Roger Deetz
VP of Engineering at Blueprint
What are some of the biggest shifts, trends or opportunities you're seeing in HealthTech?
Generative AI is eating the world. Sifting through unstructured data is one of the biggest challenges in providing effective mental health care, and generative AI is uniquely positioned to accelerate how that work is done.
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Healthtech Benefits

The benefits of technology in healthcare are exponential. While humans struggle to perceive minute differences, especially as it relates to the human body, technology makes detection and monitoring increasingly easier and cheaper. For example, with early detection software built into wearables like the Apple Watch, Garmin, Whoop and the Oura Ring, users are able to determine whether something may be wrong with their body long before something catastrophic happens.

Tracking is also easier with the combination of healthcare and technology. Only our doctors and hospitals used to track our health. Now, from the comfort of our own homes and even on our mobile devices, we can check in on key metrics and see that they’re improving – in real-time! Saving costly trips to healthcare facilities and keeping health data private to the individual.

Lastly, healthtech startups and larger organizations have made healthcare more accessible to all. With advancements made in telehealth, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, users are now able to visit their doctor virtually or even get recommendations before talking to a doctor. Convenience and ease are at all-time highs thanks to companies across the nation and world dedicating their efforts to improving healthcare and technology.

Medical Technology Examples

As we discuss the benefits that healthtech advancements provide, let’s also put some thought around some medical technology examples and what companies are actually doing to help improve healthcare.

By infusing technology in the system, many startups are focusing on solving the “cost” problem. As it stands today, no country has higher healthcare costs than the United States. With new regulations to increase transparency and reduce costs, state and federal governments are doing their best. But new organizations and startups have taken on the issue head-on as well.

Technology has also allowed for far more precise measurements, observations and therefore, treatments in health. Robots in the operating room, wearables at home, biometrics on your phone. The healthtech wave has made your health data much more accessible to you – rather than just your team of doctors.

Finally, with all the changes that medical technology has brought about in the healthtech space, humans are able to live longer and better lives. From treating detecting harmful diseases and conditions early and allowing for more accurate diagnoses to actual health monitoring over time, users and patients have avoided many problems that we used to face in the health landscape.

Today, we have so many great leaders and innovative companies to thank for these advancements in healthtech. Below, you’ll learn more about those companies making huge leaps for mankind.

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Jobs at Health Tech Companies

Check out these opportunities at the top Health Tech companies in the nation
Machine Learning Researcher
Full Stack .NET Developer
Strategic Finance Associate
Vice President, Product Management
Software Engineer: Network
Business Operations Manager
Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack
Legal Request Representative
Zotec Partners
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Healthtech Companies

Are you a developer, marketer, analyst or generalist and want to make an impact on the health of millions around the world? You’ve come to the right place. Powderkeg has organized America’s and the Unvalley’s top healthtech companies so you have a better chance of saying, “I love my job.”

Before we delve into your myriad opportunities in healthtech, let’s start by defining what exactly we’re talking about – what is healthtech?

Healthtech is a combination of the healthcare and technology worlds. Essentially using technology to improve our population’s health. Some companies approach healthtech more broadly like Apple and its wearable Apple Watch which gauges a range of health metrics.

And, some startups and tech companies get very specific on what problems they solve with their healthcare technology. Take EightSleep for example: The Miami-headquartered hardware company focuses on sleep tech, products that help people fall and stay asleep. Or Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness software company.

Wondering which healthtech companies in your backyard and around the globe are making huge waves in the ecosystem? Maybe you’re actively looking for a new job and after the COVID-19 pandemic, want a fully remote position with a healthtech company. We’ve got you covered.

Below, we break down all the leading companies in the healthcare and technology space and how you might get involved (Powderkeg has an AI-powered talent matching app to help you!).

Health Tech Companies That Are Hiring

Check out these Health Tech Startups that are currently hiring.
Everside Health
Denver - Everside Health is a direct primary care provider offering convenient on-site, near-site, and virtual care for its members. Everside’s data-driven, patient-centric healthcare delivery model aligns incentives to benefit the patient, the physician, and the benefit provider, all while reducing the total cost of care.
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Contessa Health
Nashville - Based in Nashville, Contessa is the leader and pioneer of Home Recovery Care, a risk-based model that combines all the essential elements of inpatient hospital care in the comfort of patients’ homes. Founded in 2015, Contessa utilizes a cutting-edge proprietary health informatics platform to facilitate Home Recovery Care that is safe, affordable and improves patient outcomes. Contessa’s turnkey solution provides upfront savings to health plans, enables health systems to reinvent their care delivery model by treating patients without admitting them into the hospital, and helps physicians deliver a better experience for patients. For more information, visit or follow us at @contessahealth.
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Nashville - ProviderTrust is a healthcare software resource providing a simple solution for the storage, management and monitoring of required healthcare credentials. ProviderTrust's monitor packages allow employers to automate required monthly OIG exclusion list checks and monitor employees for sanctions and disciplinary actions across the country. ProviderTrust's software can be configured to require licenses and certifications specific to each employee position making it easy for human resources to be confident all required credentials are present and current.
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Brentwood - myNEXUS is a technology-driven, connected care management service that manages an individual’s health, enabling them to live healthier lives in their homes. Their goal is to deliver independence and better health outcomes.
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New York - Paige was founded in 2017 by Thomas Fuchs, Dr.Sc., and colleagues from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The Company builds computational pathology products designed so patients and their care teams can make effective, more informed treatment decisions. With this new class of diagnostic devices positioned to drive the future of pathology, Paige created a platform to deliver this novel technology to pathologists to transform their workflow and increase diagnostic confidence and productivity. Paige’s lightweight platform was purpose-built with pathologists to offer an intuitive user experience, minimize IT burden and costs while ensuring patient safety and data privacy. Paige’s products deliver insights to pathologists so they can arrive efficiently at more precise diagnoses for patients. Paige is the first company to receive FDA breakthrough designation for computational pathology products.
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One Drop
New York - One Drop is a diabetes management platform that helps people navigate diabetes together. It is an app for a diabetes management company. The app was created by Jeff Dachis, a co-founder of Razorfish, launched in the App Store this April as a way to help diabetics keep a running log of their personal insulin levels, the effectiveness of their medication, what they recently ate and what types of activities are affecting their blood sugar on a daily basis. It was incorporated in 2014 and is based in New York.
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Alhambra - ApolloMed is a physician-driven, integrated population health management company at the forefront of the U.S. movement towards value-based care. We manage the treatment of Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial patients under risk-based contracts with payors. Our coordinated services improve patient quality of life, enhance patients’ care experience, and reduce utilization and costs of healthcare. ApolloMed provides care to its members through both contracted physicians and a network of ancillary support services, such as urgent care centers, surgery centers, imaging, lab services, and more.
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Top Healthtech Companies

Let’s explore the largest healthtech companies in the United States before breaking down the Unvalley’s leaders. To take a closer look at the space, we’ll break down the larger industry into more manageable sectors and trends and highlight the companies leading each category.

First and foremost, mental health! As the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted, the mental and emotional health of employees is of vital importance and it’s high time that not only we as humans begin to care about it, but our employers and organizations as well.

When many were forced to work from home for the foreseeable future, healthtech companies like Headspace and Calm came to the rescue. Organizations and startups across the world offered their employees free access to mindfulness and meditation programs that improved their mental health while they worked remotely – typically in isolation from friends, family and coworkers.

Peloton saw a similar boom during the pandemic as many were trapped in their homes for months on end. Instead of revisiting old habits and traveling to gyms and fitness centers, folks began buying at-home workout equipment and Peloton answered the call.

As mentioned before, healthtech took its first major steps in wearables in the early 2010s with the first Fitbits and Apple Watches to hit the market. Now, wearables are ubiquitous with more traditional companies like Garmin and Amazon and upstarts Oura and Whoop. As health technology becomes more accepted in society, expect more innovation within the wearable space.

Most of the companies highlighted above are headquartered on the American coasts, namely the Bay Area, New York City and Boston. But, if you’re looking for a healthtech position in the Unvalley, don’t fret – in the next section, you’ll learn about the startups, companies and healthtech jobs making headways inside the coasts.

HealthTech Examples

Middle America has long-been lauded for its work in the healthcare space. Because of titans like Eli Lilly, Stryker and other tech and medical goliaths in the Unvalley, technology has integrated quite nicely with these legacy organizations to create a thriving healthtech startup ecosystem. Three Unvalley-based companies making significant waves and providing new, innovative healthtech solutions are WELL Health, Bright Health and Well.

WELL Health is headquartered in California but maintains a large presence in Salt Lake City, Utah. They’ve introduced to the market a seamless, interactive two-way texting platform for patients and their providers, that’s also able to translate multilingual conversations on-the-fly. With over 1 billion messages sent on the platform, WELL Health is one of the fastest growing private companies in the world. They have more than 150 employees but are growing rapidly.

Bright Health, located in Austin, Texas, is a larger organization with over 1200 employees worldwide. They’re driven by making healthcare more accessible for all by lowering costs with a person-driven, intuitive healthtech platform. Founded in just 2016, the company is expanding and needs more support.

With offices in Minneapolis, the Research Triangle of North Carolina and the coasts, Well has pioneered a new model of engaging members in their own health data. Well creates personalized dashboards and guides for members to then improve their health with custom programs and plans fit to their unique needs and lifestyles.

Remote HealthTech Jobs

Healthtech is not immune to trends happening in other industries. As the world of work changes rapidly in front of our eyes, remote healthcare jobs from home, too, are becoming a staple across the industry. Unlike the traditional healthcare space that required boots on the ground in hospitals, many healthcare and healthtech jobs have transitioned to remote or even travel positions.

Other trends that have impacted the healthtech space include benefits and perks. As industries see increasing salaries and wages across the board, healthtech is seeing similar growth. Benefits like leadership mentoring, health stipends, mental health support and are now common in the healthtech space in the Unvalley, Middle America and the Coasts.

No matter what you’re looking for in an employer, Powderkeg has your back. Higher wages? Relaxed vacation policy? Meaningful impact at work? Marketing job or finance job? Are you a developer? Don’t worry. Get recommendations in a few seconds with the AI-powered talent matching app for Unvalley jobs in healthtech. Simply indicate what you want in your job, and sit back and relax. We’ll do the rest!

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