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Top BioTech Companies

Top BioTech Companies

In 2023, biotech stands as a cornerstone of innovation, transforming healthcare through personalized medicine, advanced therapies, and disease eradication. It fuels sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, and bio-based solutions, reaffirming its role in shaping a healthier, more resilient future.

Keep reading to learn who’s hiring, who’s trending, expert insights from executives in the BioTech industry, and more.

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Top BioTech Companies

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Biotech Advances in the 21st Century

Before we hop into how biotechnology is shifting the way Americans work and live, let’s first define the oft-confused topic. Biotechnology is using biology and other sciences to make products that improve lives. Modern fields of science underneath the biotech umbrella include genomics, biomedical engineering and advanced immunology, a study largely in the limelight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biotechnology’s role in society has mostly been focused in research universities and hospitals. But, new regulations have made it easier for independent labs and corporations, in addition to accredited institutions, to research and innovate inside the biotech industry. These new changes have allowed for untapped innovation and talent to create new value and growth.

Marked by an increase in globalization and biotech companies’ stock, the private and public biotech industries continue to grow at a rapid pace. The United States east and west coasts have become hotbeds for medical innovation. With its access to a high-tech laborforce graduating from prestigious schools like Harvard, Boston College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston is leading the country and quite possible the world in biological transformation.

But, not far behind is the Unvalley and cities that don’t often get the spotlight that the Bay Area and Boston do for their biotechnological advancements.

As more growth is achieved, the largest biotech companies in the world together with small biotech companies in your neighborhood will continue to shape our society going forward.

And of course, top pharmaceutical companies – like Eli Lilly, Pfizer and others – also fit in with the world’s best biotech companies. During COVID-19, they rose to the occasion with extraordinary progress on vaccination in an unprecedented amount of time.

Jobs at Best BioTech Companies

Check out these opportunities at the top BioTech companies in the nation
VP, Strategy and Scientific Excellence
Seven Bridges
Sr. Manager, Consumable Manufacturing
Pattern Bioscience
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Biotech in the Unvalley

The list of the world’s top biotech companies continues to change everyday with each new innovation and discovery. But, what doesn’t change is their contribution to the human race and society. The top 100 biotech companies are speckled across the United States, predominantly in talent hotspots like the Bay Area and Boston, as mentioned above. The top companies include Amgen, Gilead Sciences and Celgene.

However, the Unvalley has made significant progress on attracting and retaining talent, specifically in the biotech industry and related fields. Namely, Chicago is a magnet for biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation in recent years. With such prestigious schools like Northwestern and University of Chicago graduating science experts, the Windy City is poised for even more growth into the future.

BioTech Companies That are Hiring

Check out these BioTech Startups that are currently hiring.
Bedford - Spectrawave is a medical device company that develops optical diagnostic and therapeutic devices. It enhances the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and primarily operates in the diagnostic equipment, medical business/industry. The Waltham, Massachusetts based company was founded in 2017.
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Seven Bridges
Boston - Seven Bridges is the industry-leading unified bioinformatics solutions company accelerating precision medicine by enabling the understanding of biomedical data. Our platform, analytic tools, and services expertise are driving discovery and drug development at the world's leading academic, biotechnology, government, hospitals, and pharmaceutical entities. Through our collaboration with the largest genomics projects, we connect the world's biomedical information to enable the most efficient analysis at scale.
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Eagan - Recombinetics is a developer of gene editing technologies to improve human health through advanced disease models and regenerative medicine. Its gene-editing technologies manipulate deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) samples to add and activate genes to solve problems and also offer gene repair and gene editing tools that enable biomedical research, livestock productivity, animal agriculture, and livestock vertical markets to modify animal genomes accurately and efficiently.
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Molecular Templates
Austin - Molecular Templates is a biopharmaceutical company with a novel protein platform for the development of new therapeutics against cancer. The company has a lead compound for melanoma that is expected to enter into clinical trials in the next two years and is developing additional compounds against a variety of other cancers.
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Krystal Biotech
Pittsburgh - Krystal Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company using gene therapy to develop best in class treatments that provide significant clinical benefit for patients suffering from rare debilitating disorders.
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Hazel Technologies
Chicago - Hazel Technologies develops biotechnology for reducing waste in the agricultural supply chain. Their product development is funded in part by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and their product performance has been validated by 3rd party academic research institutions such as Cornell University. The company provides USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate & increase resistance to ethylene. Hazel Technologies offers horticultural consulting services to growers and shippers, as well as develops new solutions to reduce food waste to improve the fresh produce supply chain. It also provides shelf-life extension technologies and services to combat the global food waste problem and improve profitability for its customers. Hazel Technologies was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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Los Angeles - NovaSignal is a medical technology company commercializing a robotic cerebral ultrasound system. Robotic System combines non-invasive ultrasound, robotics, and artificial intelligence to assess real-time cerebral blood flow.
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Unvalley Biotech Companies

Biotech has taken off in the Unvalley.

For example, Vanqua Bio is determined to solve neurodegeneration and Parkinson’s disease in the elder population. A relatively new startup to the biotech space, Vanqua raised $85 million in their Series B financing before launching their product to the public in the Summer of 2021. Want to work for a budding startup? There are plenty more where that came from.

In addition to Vanqua Bio, Abbvie is a leading biotechnology corporation based in Chicago. Abbvie is a biopharmaceutical company, combining the field of biology and pharmaceuticals. It’s a spinoff of another large corporation headquartered in Chicago, Abbott Laboratories.

Abbott is a multinational pharmaceutical company worth almost $40 billion. The makers of Pedialyte and similar health products, Abbott Labs was founded in Chicago over 140 years ago and has established itself as not only one of the American leaders in biotechnology but a global giant.

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Biotech in Indianapolis

If you’re looking for a job or company in a smaller metropolitan area, Indianapolis may be your best choice. The Circle City, aka Indianapolis, is home to two well-known biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Roche and Eli Lilly.

Founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is a multinational research-based healthcare company and the largest pharmaceutical company in the world with a presence in all different regions of the world. Roche is the leading distributor of cancer treatments across the globe. In the United States Roche has a large office of folks in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Eli Lilly, on the other hand, primarily deals in pharmaceuticals. They make and distribute life-saving drugs like out of their downtown Indianapolis global headquarters. Eli Lilly is also known for its community initiatives via the Lilly Endowment, a $10 billion fund devoted to economic growth and development of the city’s citizens, arts, education and religious programs. Interested in an employer that supports social responsibility?

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Biotech Boom in North Carolina

A metropolis in the Unvalley that dominates conversation in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry is Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Another beneficiary of a strong reputation for education and intelligence, the Research Triangle surrounding Raleigh-Durham is home to Duke University, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, three very high-achieving colleges that churn out successful scientists and biotechnicians. Raleigh-Durham residents Brii BioSciences and Indigo Ag each raised more than $250 million in 2018 while Precision BioSciences raised a $110 million Series B round, contributing to a wave of innovation and talent hiring over the next few years.

Whether Chicago, Indianapolis or Raleigh-Durham catches your eye, you can’t go wrong in the Unvalley. No matter your desires in an employer, the AI-powered Powderkeg talent matching service can find your dream job at a biotech company in your preferred area.

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