You're in good company with nominees of the Powderkeg Awards

Better awards for better teams 

No one knows a company better than the people who are part of the team building it. This includes their employees, their investors, and even their local community. 


Share what makes the Unvalley tech companies you’re closest to unique so they can earn national recognition and attract the best talent.

Celebrate your culture - Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards

Celebrate their culture

  • Showcase their employer brand to the national Powderkeg community with a company culture profile
  • See how their company culture stacks up with local, regional and national benchmarking data
  • Rally their team and spotlight the ways their employees are reaching their full potential

Celebrate their (remote) work

  • Get their winning team in front of a global audience of tech professionals
  • Showcase the team’s passion for your product or service 
  • Highlight the perks and benefits that make their employees the happiest 
Celebrate your remote work - Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards
Celebrate your success - Powderkeg Tech Culture Awards

Celebrate their success

  • Earn attention and coverage from local and national media
  • Display winners status with a unique, identifiable badge on their careers page
  • Put their brand in front of thousands of tech professionals across the world

“Company culture is the #1 reason tech professionals choose their employer”

—2018 US Tech Census

With so much uncertainty right now, the best tech companies are redefining what it means to be a top workplace. They are showing that they’re investing in their most important asset: their people.


Top tech workers are looking to work for companies that align with their values, recognize their achievements, and help them pursue fulfilling careers. Most importantly, they want to work with people they enjoy. 


With the 2022 Powderkeg Awards, Top-Ranked companies will get to show top-notch candidates exactly why their company culture is unique and special, while recognizing the people at the heart of the team.

Get started and recognize the people at the heart of these companies by nominating them for the 2022 Powderkeg Awards. 

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Ready to get started? Nominate the company you work for, one you’re an investor in, or even one you’re just a big fan of.

Who can nominate? 

  • Employees can self-nominate their current company
  • City-specific community organizations can nominate their local companies 
  • Industry-specific organizations can nominate their members 
  • Investors can nominate their portfolio companies
  • Founders can nominate other founders they feel deserve recognition
  • You can nominate a company that you’re familiar with, have worked with, or one you think deserves a little extra love 

Who’s eligible?

  • Types of Companies:
    • Tech Software – Sell software products.
    • Tech Hardware – Mainly sell computer infrastructure or hardware products.
    • Tech Powered – Mainly sell goods or services that are powered by their proprietary technology that the customer does not directly interact with.
    • Tech Service Provider – Mainly sell people-powered technical services, such as consulting, IT, digital marketing, or development.
  • Companies must have at least 10 full-time staff members.   

Validated results

  • Awards data and winner selection validated by CLA, a top 10 accounting firm 
  • A representative from CLA may ask applicants for additional information in order to complete the verification process
  • Each applicant company is eligible for a 60-minute private consulting session to review your company’s benchmarked results 

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What do winning companies receive?

  • A Company Culture Profile on showcasing their employer brand to the global Powderkeg community
  • Top Employer Badges to display on social media and on their careers page
  • Media exposure and mentions as Top Employer
  • 30-minute private consulting session to review the company’s results
  • Opportunity to be quoted in relevant content on including the Powderkeg Newsletter and other media

Looking to show off your culture? Nominate a company now to get started!

Last year we had 250+ companies apply and 100+ get recognized for being culture leaders throughout the country. This year we’re looking to recognize 1,000+ companies with the help of our community. Check out last year’s Powderkeg Award Winners. We’re so excited to announce this year’s national winners in December!
It’s a brave new world for the tech workforce, and especially for the recruiters and hiring managers. We’re excited to celebrate the incredible culture in tech between the coasts and we look forward to seeing you there!

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