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Tech Jobs In Indianapolis

The midwest is not necessarily evocative of cutting-edge tech or digital service jobs, but Indianapolis is defying that stereotype more and more each day. Even though traditional hubs of the tech industry have been Silicon Valley and large coastal cities, tech jobs in Indianapolis are on the rise for a multitude of reasons.. From increasing costs of living in the traditional tech hubs to the dramatic increase in Indianapolis tech events drawing industry insiders into the region, Indiana is becoming a hotspot for IT and digital services. Searching for tech jobs near me, you'll find increasingly that Indianapolis tech news dominates this market with new opportunities daily.

IT Jobs Indianapolis

If you're searching for IT jobs in Indianapolis, you'll quickly find a list of employers who are eagerly looking for qualified candidates like you. Current listings for information technology jobs Indianapolis has to offer are broad, ranging from system specialists to software engineers. Depending on your area of expertise, there can be as many as hundreds of jobs open in the IT and tech world in Indianapolis at any given moment. It's critical that you're using a job-finding agency to help you apply and get your foot in the door. Having an up-to-date digital resume when you're searching for information technology jobs near me will make you stand out when employers go searching as well, and it lets them know what you're open to.

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs Indianapolis

Breaking into the Indianapolis tech scene gets another big hand from a large number of T of entry level IT jobs Searching for entry level information technology jobs Indianapolis will find you positions like IT helpdesk techs, who service basic calls and send out qualified staff, or help over the phone. Even starting with a customer service position can give you the jargon and experience to move up into a more hands-on job within entry level IT jobs near me if that's what you're searching for. Even if you're just getting started on a new tech career path, you'll find your bearings in no time with the numerous entry-level opportunities.

Best Tech Companies to Work for in Indianapolis

Utilizing information gathered from comprehensive employment professionals at Indeed and Techpoint, we've established a few of the best IT companies you can start your career within Indianapolis to help narrow down your search.

  • High Alpha is the top of the pile; as a venture studio that creates enterprise cloud companies, they have a soup-to-nuts approach to design that requires different employees with different skills for each step. Their broad range of needs and niches should find a position open for your particular strong suits.
  • PFL specializes in marketing technology, from automation services to non-digital printing, mailing and outreach. They specialize in tactile marketing automation and provide cutting-edge marketing tools to their clients, tailored to their needs.
  • Purdue University, while not strictly a tech company, has many tech jobs open in a broad range of fields, including cybersecurity, research and development, and professorship. All of these opportunities come with the benefit of working for a world-class university.

Job boards Indianapolis

Indianapolis-based companies use job boards to find qualified candidates that are at the very cutting edge of digital recruitment. While you'll find local boards that might find good-paying jobs in Indianapolis, the most diverse hiring pools will be with head-hunting companies like TechPoint. Jobs in Indianapolis will be posted in as many places as possible to maximize applicant exposure, whether you're looking for jobs downtown Indianapolis or on the edge of the city.

TechPoint itself is the largest job board that focuses solely on IT, tech, and digital services jobs in Indiana. They have thousands of jobs across all types of services in these tech companies that are posting for help wanted in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas. A quick job search for jobs hiring in Indianapolis pulls up literally hundreds of positions, from entry-level work to high-end, well-paying jobs for qualified professionals.

Always use a job board like TechPoint to your advantage when you're searching for a high-skill job like those in tech work to find your best pay and benefits for your expertise. Finally, never sell yourself short; fight for the job that fits your education, experience, and value the best!

Tech Companies in Indianapolis

Tech companies in Indianapolis are exploding right now, and with this incredible growth comes abundant jobs if you've got the talent necessary. A quick search of a tech company directory will present you with a huge list of tech companies Indianapolis Indiana is proud to have birthed. These companies - from digital marketing startups to large-scale ag-tech businesses - need qualified candidates.

  • Salesforce has been voted - for four years in a row - as one of Indiana's best places to work. They give back to their employees, offering fantastic pay, wonderful benefits, and work-life balance training. Their ground-breaking "Ohana floors" in each of their buildings exemplify this dedication to their staff, providing open social spaces, kitchen spaces to eat in, mindfulness zones, and flexible workstations. Unrivaled in their desire to make sure their employees have everything they need to succeed, Salesforce jobs Indianapolis are extremely coveted and very competitive, but if you've got the experience, Salesforce Indianapolis wants to hire you.
  • Infosys Indianapolis is a hub of the global Infosys company, and as such is focused on leading development in AI, machine learning and client user interface for multiple technologies. They are dedicated to heir employees' wellbeing, and also provide a tremendous service to their communities, offering training and advancement for adults and children. The aim is to close the skills gap and make tech jobs more accessible for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic or educational background. Their charity contributes to dramatic IT education projects in Indianapolis every single year, a point of pride for its employees.

These are just two of the best companies to work for in the Indianapolis region, ranking among the highest on the Techpoint index for popular places to work. With the sheer number of job openings they have available, you owe it to yourself to step up to the plate and apply. In fact, Techpoint themselves is hiring entry-level employees, so there's never been a better time to start searching.

Startup Jobs Indianapolis

Due to the nature of the burgeoning tech industry in Indianapolis, hot startup jobs are popping up every single day. Like Silicon Valley 20 years ago, the variety of startup jobs Indianapolis has open right now is staggering and across many different employment fields. A quick search for startup companies near me would find businesses like Little Nugget, a startup focused on providing a quick, safe way to capture photographic memories of family life, and they're currently looking for a software engineer.

Indianapolis startups are seeing this unprecedented growth because of the positive tech climate that Indiana offers. Finding an Indianapolis startup incubator is a good way to network as well, as not only with new companies in Indianapolis have representation there, there will also be peers in the tech industry able to pass along information about open jobs. Especially if you're in college or freshly graduated, startup incubators are a great place to find connections that land you solid career advancement later on.

SaaS Jobs Indianapolis

The flexibility offered by the software as a service business is taking all tech-related industries by storm. The advantages - not having to house your own hardware, not paying licensing fees, and not having to deal with support - are just some of the reasons these jobs are increasing exponentially.

Indianapolis based companies have a pressing are looking to fill SaaS jobs right now, exactly the same as ones outside this line of the company, but because of the drastic need to fill these positions as quickly as possible, this is a very active market.

Indianapolis SaaS companies looking to hire right now include:

  • HC1, a healthcare bioinformatics company, focused on testing and prescribing
  • Oracle, a supply chain management company that bases their business model in cloud SaaS
  • Techpoint, a leader in connecting qualified tech industry employees to businesses that need their expertise

The Indiana Technology and Innovation Association is leading the way in helping students and adults gain the skills necessary to engage with the driving tech industry that is developing. Along with the Tech Council, the ITIA is advancing the cause of technological involvement in schools, politics, and policy.

With the efforts of the Indiana Technology Association, the concept of a technologically deficient Indianapolis will be a thing of the past, and being involved with them can help your career as well.

There are many career paths to a person at any level of their tech career in Indianapolis. Whether you're looking for an entry-level tech position in Indianapolis to get your foot in the door, or you're a seasoned professional with a very specific job in mind, there's something in Indianapolis for you.