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Powderkeg is the place to plug into tech in the center of the country.

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Company Mission

Our Mission: Connect professionals with the best opportunities in tech between the coasts so they can live their best lives.

Our Vision: Empower every person to connect with their calling, pursue a fulfilling career in tech, and reach their full potential — no matter where they live.

Why do you like living and working in your city?

I love living and working in Indianapolis because it's a tight-knit community with all the benefits of a large city. It's easy to plug into the tech, arts, music, and food scenes (and there's lots to explore)!

Matt Hunckler
Meg Yothment
Casey Bolsega
Matt Hunckler
Matt Hunckler



Core Values

Create Magic. Ignite your creativity and be remarkable. Always aim to exceed expectations.
Trust Yourself. Share your best self and some of your weirdness. Trust that you know how to learn: you know how to find answers, try something and see if it works, iterate, repeat…
Embrace Diversity. Be creative, compassionate, and inclusive. Explore more. The best solutions come from diverse inputs.
Nurture Relationships. Connections don’t matter unless you continue the relationships. Shared experiences advance relationships.
Practice Mindfulness. Be mindful, positive, and intentional. Create better connections, listen, be aware. Balance. Stay connected with yourself and your work.
Own It. Hold yourself accountable and have the courage to be vulnerable. Show up and let yourself be seen.
Play Big. When you give yourself fully, you receive fully, so spend your time on this planet focusing on things that can make the biggest impact. 

Leadership Styles

83% Democratic
What do you think?

83% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Democratic leadership style.

Democratic leaders build consensus through participation and value collaboration, team leadership and communication.

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