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    Tech Jobs are Raleigh Tradition

    Raleigh was tech news when it got ranked second-best tech scene in the United States. But really, that recognition is the culmination of years spent intentionally building a startup and innovation ecosystem. And they aren't done yet. From Raleigh tech events to the Research Triangle, opportunities for IT jobs in Raleigh are everywhere, and aren't limited to highly skilled STEM professionals. Whether you're seeking entry level IT jobs in Raleigh or looking for the best companies to work for in Raleigh as you advance a career, here's what you need to know about “jobs near me” in the City of Oaks.

    What Entry Level Information Technology Jobs Are In Raleigh?

    Entry level IT jobs in Raleigh are common, because the city and the Triangle metro area is home to over 15 colleges and universities, many which are nationally ranked in STEM. Once talent graduates, there may not be a strong reason to relocate. The cost of living in Raleigh is 4.6% lower than the national average, while IT workers make an average of $3,582 more than IT workers in other cities. This means even entry level IT employees can earn a stellar living at a job they love.

    There were over 35,000 IT jobs posted in Raleigh from 2018-2019, and the number of IT jobs is expected to grow 9% or more annually for the next 5 years. Some entry level IT job titles to look for might include:

    • Help desk analyst
    • Technical support specialist
    • Full stack developer
    • PC technician
    • Front end developer
    • Quality assurance analyst
    • Database administrator

    Of course, these are just IT-specific functions. There are also entry level jobs in Raleigh in fields like marketing, finance, human resources, customer support, and more, that may be available at IT companies.

    What are Hot Startup Jobs in Raleigh?

    Raleigh startups are among some of the area's most competitive and exciting employers. New companies in Raleigh are opening every day since the city has emerged as a top startup incubator and accelerator. Just being in this community provides the magic synchronicity that often leads to success.

    Raleigh startups are hiring in all levels of roles, but support roles that require both hard STEM skills and excellent soft skills are in especially high demand. Some of the startup job titles that are commonly available include:

    • Account Executive
    • Product Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Front End/ Back End Engineer
    • Solution Architect
    • Data Scientist
    • Business Development Representative

    These roles represent the wide spectrum of opportunity at Raleigh startups. From IT and computer science backgrounds to sales, customer support, finance, and operations, any skill set can find a home at the right startup.

    Are SaaS Jobs in Raleigh Unique?

    Software as a Service, or SaaS, is an industry that can be found in almost every major city. So what makes Raleigh SaaS companies special?

    Anyone with an interest in B2B tech is likely to find great opportunity in the city. Many of the best SaaS companies in Raleigh are focused on providing solutions that help business clients achieve growth or do part of their work easier.

    Whether it's transportation, healthcare, cloud computing, or another facet of today's tech economy, if you want to be part of creating or selling software that helps people, a SaaS job in Raleigh might be a great choice for you.

    What Job Boards Do Raleigh Tech Companies Use?

    A job search in the age of the Internet is challenging in new ways. There isn't a shortage of help wanted in Raleigh, or even good paying jobs in Raleigh, but how can you be sure to get job interviews that will lead to a great career? To go beyond the job description and base salary and find the right job for your personality, it's all about using the right job boards.

    • Work in the Triangle helps you focus your job search on North Carolina's Triangle in a new way.
    • r/trianglejobs is a subreddit for jobs in Raleigh that lets you make authentic connections.
    • Nc.gov/jobs helps tech employees find government jobs in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina's state capitol.

    Of course, jobs hiring in Raleigh are also posted on classic job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder. But if you feel overwhelmed or lost in those huge lists, these are alternative job boards to help you too.

    Get Hired by Tech Companies In Raleigh

    Tech companies in Raleigh, North Carolina are some of the fastest growing and most stable employers in the region. While there's a lot of opportunity to look through, job seekers in tech will benefit from a low cost of living and higher than average tech salary when they close the loop and accept a new job.

    If you want an even more robust tech company directory than any of these options, we invite you to join the Powderkeg Talent Network. With company culture profiles and employee testimonials from every company who posts a job, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which tech jobs to apply for and which ones to pass along to the others in your network.