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“I love reading the Powderkeg Newsletter! I can tell how much time and energy goes into it. Big high five for your efforts!”
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Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and top performers
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curated by some of the most well-connected people in tech
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sourced from those in-the-know between the coasts
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from exciting employers, that you won't find on job boards
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like Top-Rated Companies for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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Tech Hub Profiles
to give you the details on top opportunities in Unvalley cities
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Exclusive Interviews
with tech giants like Arlan Hamilton, Steve Case, and Rand Fishkin
Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and top performers
Don’t take our word for it
“The newsletter keeps me informed of tech and startups that are not in New York or California. Additionally it helps me learn about new innovations and companies that are in my areas of interest. I highly recommend adding this newsletter to your reads.”
Kenneth FinchBusiness Development Manager, Vascular Wellness
“Inspiration on how the Mighty middle is generating economic opportunities in dozens of cities in dozens of industries.”
Mark MastroianniFounding Partner, Agile Medical Device Design
“Tech headlines are typically saturated with PR spins and catch phrase buzz words. Powderkeg was built from the ground up by the tech community for the tech community. The information relayed is relevant, poignant and uniquely represents who we are and what we believe in.”
Nate MillerCEO, Voxi
“I love that Powderkeg connects me beyond my local tech community. As active members of the Powderkeg network, we’ve found customers, talent, and even landed some national press.”
Ashlee AmmonsPresident, Mixtroz
About Powderkeg
Powderkeg is a digital community for entrepreneurs and professionals building innovative companies in tech hubs between the coasts.
Our community members can connect with the best and brightest at our events, get access to a powerful suite of digital resources, and find new professional opportunities with Powderkeg’s community-powered job-matching platform.
Powderkeg has dozens of partnerships and 10,000+ active members across tech communities around the country, including Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Denver/Boulder, Kansas City, and Raleigh/Durham.
Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and top performers
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Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and top performers