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What’s one “off the beaten track” biz publication more entrepreneurs should read and why?


 Firas KittanehSerial entrepreneur Noah Kagan gives us all an inside look into how he grows his businesses and optimizes his life in He publishes infrequently so you’ll always have time to read his next blog post. I find one of the best ways to grow is through peer leadership and advice from a fellow entrepreneur always feels more relatable and actionable.

– Firas KittanehAmerisleep 


2. Search Engine Watch 

Tim ChavesI’d recommend giving Search Engine Watch a look. Inbound marketing has a lot of potential for anyentrepreneur, so I don’t think you can be completely ignorant about issues around search engine optimization.

– Tim ChavesZipBooks 


3. CB Insights

Doreen BlochCB Insights is a company that focuses on venture capital research, and their daily newsletters provide some of the best business content that I regularly read. The writing is irreverent, mostly focused on startups and entrepreneurs, and very timely to themes in technology and fundraising. CB Insights is one of the best and most entertaining ways to stay on top of business news.

– Doreen BlochPoshly Inc. 



sean ogleI enjoy reading Ben Thompson’s He has a really interesting look at strategy and business, especially as it pertains to technology. He covers a lot of wide-ranging topics, but most of them highlight what is happening in social media and with brands like Google, Facebook and Amazon. He always has a good take and is able to break down complex ideas and explain them simply.

– Sean OgleLocation Rebel 


5. Bulldog Reporter 

Sharam Fouladgar-MercerThough much of Bulldog Reporter’s content is geared toward public relations and communications professionals, there are a ton of articles that are universally useful to entrepreneurs of all types. For example, Bulldog recently published a piece on how to get the most out of your exhibitor booth at an event or industry-specific conference.

– Sharam Fouladgar-MercerAirPR 


6. The Mogul Mom 

Cynthia JohnsonI love The Mogul Mom because it’s for all mom entrepreneurs and covers everything from both worlds. Her articles cover all types of topics, like social media, productivity, product development as well as work-life balance and issues that impact female entrepreneurs.

– Cynthia JohnsonIpseity Media 


7. OnStartups 

Andrew O'ConnorOnStartups was started by serial entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah, the founder of Hubspot and Pyramid Digital Solutions. There is extensive content from Shah and guest writers as well as an online Q&A community where software entrepreneurs can engage with others about startups, business management, technical issues and more.

– Andrew O’ConnorAmerican Addiction Centers 


8. Wait But Why

Mark KrassnerTim Urban publishes an incredible blog called, Wait But Why, which takes deep dives on topics that range from relationships to space travel. Once in a while, Tim talks about business and entrepreneurship, but I think the real benefit to his blog is seeing how he thinks. Tim takes incredibly complex topics and makes them easy to understand, a skill more people in business would benefit from cultivating.

– Mark KrassnerExpectful 


9. The Kiplinger Letters 

Eric MathewsWe need unbiased, accurate business and economic forecasts. For over 90 years both executives and entrepreneurs have quietly used The Kiplinger Letters (not magazine) for such a weekly digest. The Kiplinger Letter consistently provides accurate forecasts of industries, businesses, companies and technologies poised for rapid growth — before the crowd “wakes up.”

– Eric MathewsStart Co. 


10. Success 

Brittany HodakAlthough it’s not exactly “off the beaten path,” Success isn’t traditionally considered a business publication. However, it’s the most inspiring magazine I read each month. I read it cover to cover and listen to the executive interviews that accompany each issue. I recommend it to every entrepreneur looking to further his or her company.

– Brittany HodakZinePak 


11. Mars Dorian 

Drew HendricksMars Dorian is a blog that mainly focuses on marketing tips that tell you why your business card needs an overhaul, how to get a following on your blog quickly, and how to improve your branding efforts. It’s practical, usable advice.

– Drew HendricksButtercup 


12. Duct Tape Marketing 

Peter DaisymeI like Duct Tape Marketing because it is a blog that focuses on developing an online presence beyond just social media. It also includes numerous tips on how to create online videos as well as leverage various tools to generate results-oriented content.

– Peter DaisymeDue Invoicing