Do you dream of distinguishing yourself as a high-performer? There’s good news. Yes, some people naturally work at an Elon Musk-level of intensity. But there’s plenty of evidence that anyone can develop and automate high performance with the right habits. Specifically, ones that help you maximize personal productivity at work.

For instance, Lifehack reports in “9 Characteristics of High Performers” that the top-performing are up to 400 percent more productive than the average worker. How do they do it? Through behaviors as basic as:

  • Asking for feedback.
  • Nicely saying no.
  • Automating routine tasks.

HubSpot’s library of free business templates is a great resource for that last one.

None of those habits or behaviors is complicated. All are critical to maximizing productivity at work, though.

How to Maximize Productivity at Work

Want more tips on how to increase productivity at work? We asked 15 executives to share some of their best strategies for doing just that. All are easy to implement. Like learning any new skill, though, consistency is key.

But even if you only adopt one of these strategies to maximize personal productivity at work, you’ll still likely reap immense benefits.

15 Strategies to Maximize Personal Productivity at Work

1. Time Blocking

If I have a deadline or an important project, I schedule a block of time on my calendar to work on it. I let my team know I’ll be unavailable, then flip on the do-not-disturb settings on all my devices to stay distraction-free. Interruptions during the day are the biggest reason I get behind on big projects. Time blocking helps me stay focused.

– Robin Lanning, Director of Marketing & Culture at Tactive

2. Coffee

Coffee. It’s simple, but it’s real. There’s something about holding a cup of coffee that’s like putting your game face on, whether you’re working from home or kicking off a planning meeting with your team.
– Christian Johnson, Customer Success at Groundwork

3. Seize the First Two Hours of Your Day

“The first two hours that start your day are the most critical for productivity according to scientists. It’s the ideal time to set and review your goals for the day, tackle the most challenging thing on your to-do, and take a personal moment to do what matters to you most, like meditating, working out, writing, or reading. By seizing and maximizing those first few hours, you can transform your entire day.”

– Beth DoaneMain & Rose

4. Schedule Time for Boring Activities

“Take breaks to do boring activities, activities that will allow you to spend some time in thought. To reboot your brain, you have to break old patterns of checking emails, [social media], or ESPN. Instead take time to go for a walk, enjoy a coffee, or other simple activities that give you an opportunity to keep your mind fresh and get clarity on what you are trying to achieve.”

– Ryan Stonerphenomenon

5. Use the “Rapid Planning Method”

“To maximize productivity at work, I spend an hour every Sunday working on my schedule for the upcoming week. The process—known as the Rapid Planning Method—is threefold: (1) List all the things I’d like to accomplish, (2) rate each task by level of importance, and (3) schedule the most important tasks. By planning your week ahead of time, you will increase productivity at work and your overall happiness.”

– Kristopher

6. Eliminate Distractions

“I sleep with my iPhone in another room so that it can’t disturb me while sleeping. This also keeps me from automatically checking it first thing in the morning. When I’m at work, I set my iPhone to “do not disturb” so that I can focus without interruption in the morning. Mornings are the time when I’m most focused, so I don’t want to be distracted by messages or other alerts.”

– Brian David CraneCaller Smart Inc.

7. Try the Kanban Method

Cody McLain headshot, SupportNinja executive chairman“There’s no point in pretending that distractions don’t exist, and it’s even less productive to take away the tools that make things easier (e.g., mobile phone). So I have a productivity app on my phone which uses the Kanban method and helps me remember to complete the tasks that need completing, as well as see all the other tasks I’ve completed. I also like to read journals and blogs every morning to gauge my peers’ opinions.”

– Cody McLainSupportNinja

8. Put Your Health First

Ross Beyeler headshot, Growth Spark founder & CEO“We all know how much of a negative impact getting sick can have on our productivity. Putting your health first, by sleeping eight or more hours, working out daily, and not eating like a jerk, is the most effective way to ensure a successful day. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.”

– Ross BeyelerGrowth Spark

9. Realize Some Hard Truths, Then Plan and Execute

“You cannot do everything. You don’t have time to do everything. You don’t need to do everything. You need to be able to step away. If you can accept those truths, then you can plan and stick to your plan. Schedule time to respond to emails. Set a time for accounting. Set a time for critical tasks. Set a time for exercise, family, and/or faith. Write it all down, budget your time; then execute and learn.”

– Kevin Telford, SurfWatch Labs

10. Use Time Tracking Tools

Drew Hendricks headshot“I swear by time tracking tools that record my time on everything I do. I can’t deny what they reveal [about managing time], and it holds me more accountable to how I structure my day and where I need to make improvements. Time tracking has been the game changer in where I put every minute of my workday, helping me to do more in less time.”

– Drew HendricksButtercup

11. Schedule in Little Breaks

Elle Kaplan headshot, LexION Capital founder & CEO“Our minds aren’t built to be on hyperdrive 24/7. When you’re a new founder with a million things to do, this is easy to forget, but eventually, a lack of breaks will lead to mistakes and brain burnout. That’s why I make sure to schedule in tiny breaks during my day, whether it’s walking my dog or doing a quick digital detox. The few minutes invested in refreshing are well worth the productivity.”

– Elle KaplanLexION Capital

12. Guard Your Time

Nicole Munoz headshot, Start Ranking now founder & CEO“It’s easy to let the daily problem take up all of your time each day, but it means you won’t get the things done that will help you grow and build your business. Use a calendar to schedule your day and try to stick to it. This might mean building in some spare time to help others address the issues and challenges that arise each day, but don’t let your calendar be hijacked by it.”

– Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

13. Depend on the Power of the List

Enrico Palmerino headshot, botkeeper CEO“It’s all about completing tasks. The task list is the greatest asset for every business. Each week, we determine the tasks that are most crucial for growth. We assign off those tasks to individuals capable of completing them that week. This builds a structure and requires planning workdays. By having a plan and specific tasks to complete, it maximizes productivity and propels the company forward.”

– Enrico Palmerinobotkeeper

14. Block Off Time and Identify Where You Add the Greatest Value

Dan Golden headshot, Be Found Online president & chief search artist“Set time aside for emails, prospecting, and the stuff that needs to get done to grow your business. As a founder, you need to have an open door and be there for the team, but not at the expense of getting the important tasks accomplished. As you scale the company, identify where you add the most value and focus on that, hiring well so you can remain productive as the company grows.”

– Dan GoldenBFO (Be Found Online)

15. Always Be Looking Ahead

Murray Newlands headshot, Sighted founder & CMO“Plan your days ahead and even weeks if you can, filling in time for specific events. Don’t work on the fly because you will never get everything done. While things come up, this planning of certain things can help you visually move things around and see new ways to work, but you must have some general idea and structure in place of what’s to come first.”

– Murray NewlandsSighted

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a blog originally published on February 15, 2017.

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