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Airbnb recently integrated reservation service, Resy, into its platform to enhance user experience. If you could choose to merge any two technology-based services or products, which would you choose and how would they work together to create the ultimate UX?


1. Wikipedia and a News Application

I would love to see a news app, such as BBC or CNN, merge with Wikipedia. Since the majority of people use their phones to access the news, the UX isn’t conducive to looking up people/places/facts while reading. However, if one of the apps integrated with Wikipedia, they could institute some scroll over/popup that would pop out of the content if the reader wanted more information. Bryce Welker, Crush The CPA Exam

2. Clothing Sizing App and Shopping Marketplace

I love having a clothing sizing app that tells me what fits me in different styles and brands, but it would be even better if this integrated with some type of marketplace like Bluefly, Amazon and other online clothing stores. Even better would be to show me how it looked on me before I ordered. If a drone delivered it, even better. Angela Ruth, Due


3. Zapier and Google Cloud Platform

I’ve used Zapier‘s SaaS integration service for many years now and also hosted several servers on Google Cloud Platform. I’d love the ability to orchestrate event-driven, cross-product workflows within Google’s Cloud Console. There would be far more incentive to leverage the cloud functions, machine-learning engine, code deployment, etc. if I could easily sequence them with a Zapier-esque UI. Brian Fritton, Patch of Land

4. Facebook and Amazon

Building buyer confidence is a key factor for Amazon sellers. Amazon and its sellers rely heavily on social proof by way of product reviews. Amazon should share its data with Facebook to build social proof around its items with suggestions such as “Two Facebook friends bought this product.” Without sharing private details, Amazon could let you know when your network buys a product. Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors

5. Uber and Expedia

Whenever I travel, I find myself using Uber and Expedia on almost every trip. No one has nailed the travel experience from start to finish. I’d love it if I could simply start with my home address, enter my travel destination, and have the entire thing packaged together. That way, every part of your trip would be taken care of and automatically updated on late/early flight arrivals. Ruben Gamez, Docsketch


6. LinkedIn and AR Application

It would be amazing to meet someone and instantly connect with them on LinkedIn. No more business cards or jotting down emails. You can instantly see their biography and mutual connections. Google is working on an augmented reality (AR) app that lets you tag things in real life — this would be a great feature to have.

Adelyn Zhou, TOPBOTS

7. eBay and PayPal

If eBay and PayPal merged to where consumers had to actually pay for items before purchasing them, it would make it a lot easier for sellers to collect money, and buyers could complete purchases and transactions in one step instead of two.Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance


8. Evernote and Instacart

I love a great culinary experience, whether at a restaurant or at home. If I could go to dinner and scan my favorite menu items into Evernote and have it automatically create a grocery list on Instacart for me to replicate that dish, I’d be thrilled. Instacart, being the more complex app, could handle the back-end operations, while Evernote would focus on the functionality of simplicity. David Bensoussan, StartHub Accelerator

9. LinkedIn and Crowdfunding

There’s obviously quite a bit of overlap between LinkedIn members and people who set up crowdfunding campaigns, especially on business-centered platforms such as AngelList. While there are ways to integrate LinkedIn with crowdfunding platforms, it would be even better if LinkedIn actually partnered with an existing crowdfunding site or launched one of its own. Kalin Kassabov, ProTexting


10. VR Tours and Travel Bookings

I would love to have high-quality virtual reality tours of locations and destinations integrated with travel itinerary planning and booking. When you have a customer that wants to see their dream destination, you can show them an interactive VR tour. That’s such a great service for the customer, to be able to give them a taste of what it’s like so they know they’ve made the right choice. Jürgen Himmelmann, The Global Work & Travel Co.

11. HubSpot and Postable

We love HubSpot for its simple CRM and email tracking. Separately, Postable is a lovely platform from where we can “handwrite” and auto-send thoughtful, snail-mail cards. It’d be fantastic if we could pull our clients’ birthdays and work events from the Facebook and LinkedIn APIs and automatically deliver appropriate cards to our clients. Perfect combo to surprise and delight!Cooper Harris, Klickly

12. Uber and OpenTable

In a perfect world, I would merge OpenTable with Uber. If at least there was a funnel option and ride ahead at the checkout of OpenTable, it would make a great deal of sense on a date to be able to plan it door-to-door. The amount of money spent on dating apps should meet the demand of on-demand dates. OpenTable combined with Uber could really simplify planning for a man or woman. Matthew Capala, Search Decoder


13. Groupon and Tinder

A dating app that combines Tinder‘s matchmaking services with Groupon’s discounts for local venues/outings. This would be a great way to promote small and medium-sized businesses, establish repeat customers and word-of-mouth marketing. (Think about the “how we met while Airbnb’ing” stories.) The idea would be to use Tinder’s interface and, once matched, coupons will be made available for venues geared toward first dates. Reuben Yonatan, GetVoIP

14. Google Docs and Grammarly

My team and I collaborate on a majority of projects and utilize Google Docs to do so. It’s a great way for everyone to stay on the same page and organize our work. The only feature it’s missing is an advanced spelling and grammar application such as Grammarly. This would be an amazing integration of two different apps because we could do all our work in one place and check it there as well. Stanley Meytin, True Film Production


15. The iPhone and All Home Appliances

I think being able to control your whole home with your phone should be entirely possible. Music, lights, TV, oven, microwave, garage door, AC, security system, your kids’ phones, maybe even your car! It seems crazy how many remote controls are still around. Shouldn’t these be gone by now? Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure