Writer conducting in-person interviewEarlier this year, we shared a list of under-the-radar tech publications, as well as must-read blogs for startup and scale-up pros. These posts provide valuable insights into the landscape of tech media. However, when it comes to the vast number of publications covering scale-ups and startups, they barely scratch the surface.


Curious what outlets are writing about tech startups and scale-ups? And which might be interested in covering you or your business in the future? Here are five examples.


1. Forbes

Outlets like Forbes may be interested in covering startups when a major company announcement hits, like announcing a funding round. They’ll be even more interested when it ties into a larger story about an industry or market. For example, when Indianapolis-based startup Zylo announced a $9 million funding round led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners, Forbes did a feature on the company. The article tied that announcement into the momentum of Indianapolis’s growing tech scene.


2. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is one of a number of national business outlets that take contributed content—including guest posts written by startup and scale-up founders. Thought leadership pieces that provide insight for business leaders tend to best fit this kind of opportunity. 6 Leadership Tips for First-Time Female CEOs” by Doxly CEO Haley Altman is a great example.


3. Mobile Marketer

Niche industry trade publications provide a great opportunity for startups and scale-ups to showcase customer success stories. That’s especially true when the customer is a big name or is willing to share specific results. A case study about how the Pacers used email signatures to hold onto a major sponsor helped Sigstr secure an in-depth feature in marketing trade publication Mobile Marketer.



Although TWICE focuses on the business behind consumer electronics, this tech publication also covers general tech trends. That makes it a potentially great avenue for B2C and B2B tech startups looking to build thought leadership credibility. For example, DemandJump, which enables companies to improve their online marketing investments, contributed insights on why location still matters in a digital world to TWICE in the form of contributed content.  


5. IndyStar

Often local newspapers, like Indianapolis’s IndyStar, cover the people behind startups and their stories, rather than the startup itself. For example, when the IndyStar covered SnapShyft, a job app for the gig economy, the article focused on a user of the app and her story. The story also let founder Thor Wood dive into how he came up with the idea for the app.


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