The Innovation Showcase is heating up, with more than $123,000 we’ll be awarding to this year’s winner. We already announced the first 3 companies accepted to showcase,, DCODIA, and Mimir, who pitched at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway last week.


Today, we’re announcing 6 more companies that have been accepted into the 2014 Innovation Showcase on July 10…






matthew-anderson-adprovalAdproval is connecting advertisers to their online influencers.  An exciting first round company, this is Adproval’s third year at the Innovation Showcase.

Want to see Adproval founder Matthew Anderson’s original pitch on the Verge stage? Watch it here >>





Bookacoach is an online marketplace that connects parents and athletes with qualified sports coaches.  In its second year presenting at the Innovation Showcase, Bookacoach is a second round company in the process of scaling and looking for working capital.





BoxFox is a B2B marketplace for small U.S. retailers to appraise and sell their excess inventory.  This fascinating startup is currently seeking $250,000 to $1,000,000 in funding.

Take a look at BoxFox’s 2013 pitch profile.







Gusto provides a single view of your emails, files, and photos across multiple accounts.  Launched at Verge in February, 2014, this is Gusto’s first year at the Innovation Showcase.

Want to learn more about Gusto? Check out the review of their first-version app launch here.






PactSafe is a web application to track, manage and increase the enforceability of website legal agreements.  A brand new startup, this is also PactSafe’s first year exhibiting at the Innovation Showcase.





YC Bioelectric is pioneering an analytical device to simultaneously detect and analyze proteins.  This innovative company is in the seed stage and looking to connect with angel investors.


Which company do you want to talk with? What other companies do you want to see in the Innovation Showcase?

Companies interested in exhibiting at the 2014 Innovation Showcase have until midnight on May 18th to do so.  You can apply here.