Whether you’re an emerging founder or a seasoned executive, finding the right funding opportunities can be a game-changer for your company’s growth. 

In today’s virtual work environment, there are a plethora of innovative platforms that connect startups with investors, making the process more accessible than ever before. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of your tech company or leading a growing startup, tools like these can help you find the right investors, streamline your fundraising process, and build lasting relationships with those who believe in your vision.

Before we dive into the list, remember that the key to success lies not in the platforms you use, but in how you present your startup and its potential. Your pitch should be compelling, your business plan solid, and your vision clear. Regardless if you use a platform or not, your passion and dedication are what will truly attract the investors you need.

1. AngelList: Leveraging Online Platforms 

“One innovative platform that has emerged to connect startups with investors is AngelList. AngelList is an online platform that allows startups to create a profile, showcase their product and team, and reach out to investors. It also provides an avenue for investors to browse through thousands of startups, filter by their preferences, and invest online. The platform boasts over 8 million registered investors and has helped over 75,000 companies raise $2 billion in funding.“

Emily Finkelstein, CEO at VentureXpert Advisors

“One innovative approach to connecting startups with investors is the use of online platforms such as AngelList. These platforms allow startups to create profiles that showcase their business, mission, and vision, as well as their funding goals. Investors can then browse through profiles and connect with startups that align with their interests. 

AngelList is particularly well-suited for startups in the early stages of development, as it allows them to connect with a wide range of potential investors, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and crowdfunding platforms.“

Luciano Colos, Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

2. Blockchain-Based Equity Crowdfunding: Disruptive, Accessible

“Blockchain-based equity crowdfunding is one of the most innovative fundraising methods for startups of late. This merges the principles of traditional equity funding together with blockchain’s disruptive technology to create a highly accessible, transparent, and efficient platform for startup owners to reach investors. 

Given all the buzz and advancements with blockchain tech today, this platform opens up a wider fundraising reach for startup owners to reach interested investors from across the globe and entice them to participate in early-stage investments.“

Ed Lateef, Founder, Revoltution Labs

3. Venture Capital-as-a-Service: A New Approach

“I don’t think we can overlook how effective the Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS) model has become—it allows corporations to invest their capital in specialized VC firms, which then use that money to invest in startups. 

Moreover, these services are with you through every step and offer consulting and mentorship to help startups secure funding and grow. This not only simplifies the fundraising process but also gives startups access to expertise and global opportunities they might not have had otherwise. I’d say it’s a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional fee structures and long-term commitments.“

Dom Wells, CEO, Onfolio

4. Powderkeg: Request Intros to Investors

“Powderkeg is the only private membership network focused on supporting tech companies and executives in communities beyond Silicon Valley, and there are investors all across the country who are part of the Powderkeg community. Members can request a double-opt in introduction and get connected with investors at VC funds, venture studios, angel groups and more.”

Nate Spangle, Head of Community at Powderkeg

5. Investors Mixers: In-Person Connections

“Established by Bloom, Investors Mixers are a fantastic platform that runs four times a year, connecting startups with investors in person. They aim to keep a balance of three investors per ten startups at each event, leaving good room for competition and allowing founders to get a genuine face-to-face conversation with keen investors. 

Online platforms are incredibly accessible, but for the ambitious startup founder, there can be nothing like getting to dialogue with investors in the flesh.“

Gates Little, President and CEO, altLINE Sobanco

6. Funded: A Streamlined Funding Platform

“If you want to streamline your funding process, take help from the Funded platform. I have tons of real-life examples of startups that connected with the right investors and formed into an established entity in less time.

Funded helps connect founders with businesses, angel investors, venture capitalists, and you name it. The best part of this platform is that investors do not have to pay any fees to join. Entrepreneurs can also seek other sources of funding through the platform, e.g., microloans. I would recommend this platform because of its credibility and worth.“

Brandon Rubinshtein, Founder, Howdy

7. F6S: A World of Opportunities

F6S is a platform that provides a great opportunity for both startups and investors looking for emerging ideas to support and invest in. 

With over 4 million startups, fundraisers, jobs, opportunities, and investors, it is a whole world where startups can get exposed and collaborate with businesses. They can get the funding they need and be put on the right track with experts offering their advice. Many people learn from each other and collaborate together.“

Jonathan Elster, CEO, EcomHalo

8. Forge: Streamlining Investor Connections 

“One platform that particularly stood out to me was Equidate (now Forge). I recall a specific instance when one of our associates, eager to initiate a side project, utilized Equidate and was amazed at how smoothly the connection with potential investors was established. 

The streamlined nature of the platform, devoid of unnecessary hurdles, made the fundraising process significantly more straightforward and time-efficient.“

Isaac Badaraco, Director of Development, ECS