Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase is shaping up to be a fantastic event! On July 11th, 60+ fundable companies of varying stages will share their story in the Dallara Indycar Factory exhibit hall and give their 60-second pitch for a chance to win $60K in cash and services. Attendees get a chance to see the pitches, tour the hall, and attend two great panel discussions before the winner is announced at the end of the day.


Grab your attendee tickets to catch all the action!

And in case you missed it, watch Showcase participant PocketCab on Inside Indiana Business:

PocketCab pitches on IIB
PocketCab pitches on IIB

We’re thrilled to announce the next group of Innovators to watch:

ShopTalk was founded in September 2012 to solve the most talked about pain point for online retailers today – how to best capitalize and engage potential customers through Facebook. ShopTalk’s subscription-based product gives retailers exposure to their customers’ social network by providing shoppers an instant discount (or other direct incentives) for sharing their purchases to Facebook, while also providing retailers analytics behind customer profiling and the reach/interaction of posted products.

Innovative Photonics Technologies, LLC Increases the performance of electronics systems used in communications and computing networks by miniaturizing current fiber optic architectures onto photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Development work has included fiber-optic architectures for analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters (ADC / DAC), photonic switching, and optical processing of multiple simultaneous radio frequency (RF) communications and radar signals for antenna arrays. The first product InPhoTec is bringing to market is a high-speed and high-resolution all-optical ADC based on an architecture developed by Dr. Siahmakoun that takes advantage of the reduced path lengths and high-speed devices available in photonics chips to achieve market leading performance. Currently raising funds to complete implementation of this photonic ADC.

DermaLife, LLC provides advanced skin care solutions. Since our company’s founding in early 2010, we have focused on launching in the U.S. an improved formulation of a classic French remedy that generates $50M in annual revenues and is used in over 70% of French households for burns, wounds anti-aging. Since Dermal Life achieved FDA clearance on May 1, 2013 and recently launched LaFONTAINE to achieve revenue generation, we are pursuing both strategic private-label partnerships and strategic angel-investor funding of up to $1 million to launch Rx indications into radiation oncology and dermatology market segments.

Infinite AI, Inc. builds intelligent end-to-end automation systems for supply chain operations and healthcare organizations that utilize artificial intelligence, robotics, RFID and high performance computing.

MYTM8 is a management tool for youth sports teams that simplifies the lives of parents and coaches. The application was developed to alleviate the day-to-day management and fundraising challenges uncovered by conversations with local sports teams. In the past several months, we have built and beta tested a functional team management application. MYTM8 is currently expanding our user network and engaging the feedback of our existing member teams.  To build upon this success, MYTM8 is working to enhance the fundraising potential of youth teams – enabling team parents to give back to their organization through everyday purchases on their smartphone. Within the past few weeks, we have developed a relationship with the state’s governing soccer body, the Indiana Soccer Association, to eventually test and promote our fundraising application to their member base of 60,000 players.

Envigilator We solve the problem that teachers don’t have any insights into the methodology or steps their students use in completing assignments by recording data and syncing it to the cloud for further analytics and review. You might remember us from the Innovation Showcase last year. At that time, we were capturing data for the purposes of cheating prevention. We’ve learned that there isn’t much of a market for cheating prevention software. However, our users loved using our recordings to help students who struggled in their classes. So we listened and now we’re working on building Envigilator into a complete assignment level learning analytics system to help students and teachers discover and correct the difficult points in the learning process. Do you know educators that give computer-based assignments? It could be coding exams, graphic design, or even english or history papers written on a computer. We’d love to talk to them!

Curvo Labs, LLC Hospitals and surgery centers purchase $200 billion in medical devices each year. Medical device companies spend more to sell a product than to manufacture it. Hospitals and surgery centers need to save money. Medical device companies need to sell products efficiently. With Curvo, they both win. solves the challenge of remotely managing patients with multiple chronic conditions by enabling healthcare providers to truly “prescribe” a personalized health management plan directly to their patient’s mobile device. The idea for originated when the Founder of the company was diagnosed with a second chronic condition, after having launched an app (MyGiTrack) specific to his first chronic condition (Crohn’s disease). The Founder didn’t want to use two different apps to manage his health. The health management platform has evolved into an enterprise-level SaaS-based system, supporting population management and care coordination for patients with multiple chronic conditions. The system will soon receive approval from Allscripts to integrate into their Enterprise EHR system. We are now pursuing partnerships with regional hospital groups for clinical evaluations.

Bookacoach For decades, the $6B sports coaching market has operated on an archaic and unsafe process of finding, booking and buying private instruction. The complexity of managing private lessons for one athlete involves the use of yard signs, word of mouth, cash/check, and lengthy email exchanges. With more than 700K active coaches and 40M athletes ages 6 to 18 participating in sports instruction in the US, growth is expected to exceed $7B by 2017. bookacoach is an online mobile responsive web app platform that offers a simple and robust solution to the complexities of managing private lesson instruction for both coaches and parents. Coaches receive their BAC Safety Certification thru our exclusive background check API, offering parents peace of mind while booking. Upon launch, we were the featured trending story on and since then have taken bookacoach to over 600 coaches in 33 states and 200 cities. This number continues to grow at a 50+ % growth month over month.

Courseload, the leading innovator in the aggregation, delivery and use of digital course materials in higher education, helps institutions increase student access to course materials, improve affordability and enhance learning outcomes. Courseload eliminates the barriers that have impeded the print-to-digital evolution in academia through a business model inclusive of all stakeholders, an innovative platform incorporating study tools and analytics to enhance learning and pedagogy and a team with deep experience in implementing educational technology solutions. Most recently, Courseload was identified as the leading contributor to a 12.5 percent increase in student retention at one of our partner institutions, Berkeley College. In addition, the IMS Global Learning Consortium recently awarded Courseload and its partner, Indiana University, with a Gold Learning Impact Award. Courseload has also been identified as an Indiana Company to Watch and Best Place to Work (2012,2013).

7PSolutions, LLC  delivers one comprehensive GPS-GSM monitoring solution to the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries for the transportation of climate control cargo, with integrated security and quality management. This technology is also being recognized by high-value and time definite manufacturers and service providers. Our company was founded in 2010 to fulfill an unmet need in the life sciences and transportation industries. Our management team consists of logistics, quality assurance and operations veterans who have cold chain and pharma experience. Our current clients include small and medium sized trucking companies, manufacturers of climate controlled cargo carriers, cargo airlines and major couriers. We are currently expanding our product offerings to include telematics fleet management for small vehicles, and enhancing our software to provide greater visibility to our clients of their location and environmental data.

Sapphire Education, LLC is using analytics and social collaboration to improve student academic performance. By allowing students to forecast their grades and share their academic knowledge with one another, we intend to use social metrics to enhance learning. We have seven confirmed high schools and colleges ready to beta test our software in the fall. Currently we are working on an algorithm that screens the web for relevant education content.

IN3 is a digital products company in West Lafayette that focuses on developing paperless solutions. These solutions include a note taking tool for conferences and classrooms named paperlessMe; survey tools; mobile documents; and directory applications.

Wasatch Photonics Wasatch Photonics is developing an imaging device using Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT)that will provide new information and evidence to physicians to aid diagnoses and treatment of vascular disorders. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major complication of diabetes – about 65% of people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke. Our product development is driven by trends in medical care requiring higher value physician patient interactions along with the growth trend of vascular disorders mirroring diabetes.

Wasatch Photonics (WP) was founded in 2002 in Logan, Utah to build volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings initially for the telecom industry. In 2010 Wasatch Photonics expanded into optical systems with the acquisition of Kiara Biosystems. This systems division has been focused on optical systems for Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography. In the OCT space we have sold systems to researchers and OEM’s.

Evacua is using the ride-sharing business model to create an evacuation marketplace during emergencies of all kinds. Members can get out before a hurricane strikes, or even avoid missing that important meeting when their commercial flight gets cancelled. Resource sharing during these scenarios can lead to exponential savings, and improved efficiency. We have already secured sponsorship of the Global Congress of Travel Risk Management, and have been mentioned in articles surrounding travel startups on Tnooz and Skift.

SpeechVive enables people with Parkinson’s disease to speak louder and communicate more effectively through a spontaneous reflex (the Lombard effect). Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which affects over 1.5 million people in the U.S.
90% of people with Parkinson’s (PWP) have hypokinetic dysarthria and cannot speak loud enough to be heard. SpeechVive has 4 years of clinical data which demonstrates the ability of the SpeechVive device to revive the patients voice immediately in over 75% of cases. Another 15% show significant improvement after wearing the device for 8 weeks. One patient recently commented, “I am tired of people talking over me as if I didn’t exist.” She is excited to try SpeechVive as soon as it is commercially available along with thousands of other PWP.

Animated Dynamics’ Biodynamic Imaging platform is a breakthrough biomedical technology that is like putting vital signs monitors inside living tissue to measure its health and how it responds to drugs…simply by shining light on it. It has applications for the selection of personalized cancer therapies, the discovery of new drugs and improving the efficiency of in-vitro fertilization.

Dynamic Auto Dealer Solutions, Inc. has created a Cloud-based Dealer Management System that supports the entire Dealership Lifecycle. Both New and Independent Dealers can now benefit from Internet Technology that doesn’t require additional sotware products to run on tablets or cell phones – our products already run on them because they were built from scratch on state of the art technology. Needless rekeying of data between business units and business partners is eliminated. With crisp designs and similar screen layouts, the front and back office adoption is quick and easy. We provide CRM, Inventory, Desking, Finance and Insurance, Service, Parts, and Integrated Accounting and E-Mail. New technology allows dealerships to reduce costs, time, and errors and provides real time reporting for both Sales and Service. We have joined forces with key automotive and financial companies to create a true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that also improves upon current DMS products. empowers small business owners and field sales personnel to deliver person-to-person communication to the individuals and small groups important to success, for either relationship building or revenue building. Our software platform is online, putting custom content and actionable contact “at your fingertips.” Output media includes postcards, email, letters, and 3-dimensional mail. All production is handled behind the scenes by Enfront partners. Delivery can be immediate or at pre-defined future intervals. Enfront has established accounts coast-to-coast via independent Consultant Partners and headquarters sales to National Accounts. Our multi-media capability is providing an increasingly sought-after alternative to email only marketing, and Enfront is pursuing production partnerships with email players such as Indy’s Weblink International. We believe that e-glut and related marketplace noise represent an enormous opportunity, and we are positioned ideally.

BoxFox helps small brick-and-mortar retailers appraise and liquidate their excess merchandise via its B2B marketplace. Retailers can automatically determine their inventory value through proprietary web-based software and then sell it to authorized resellers. BoxFox charges resellers a tiered subscription fee and takes a small transaction fee from both parties.

PeeqMe For employees working in the ‘people economy,’ dizzying levels of value-destroying disengagement exist because people often feel misunderstood, misused and abused. How people work matters. PeeqMe socializes the personality, behavior and talent assessments that over 100 million people have taken with the right level of intimacy and simplicity to be useful. When people understand their style and their teammates’, when they use their strength and not weakness, and when they get positive not negative feedback, people do better together. By applying the smartest science, best practices, and social trends, PeeqMe allows professionals to know themselves, show their best, and grow with crowd-sourced, positive feedback. PeeqMe launched beta in June on iTunes for our high-potential, early adopting members. We are signing up small enterprise clients to pilot in higher ed, non-profit, professional services, and high tech. PeeqMe is developing enterprise functionality for a 2014 launch.

CloudOne Driving our business (and the cloud in general) is the dissatisfaction with the old ways of information technology: buy the hardware and software up front, pay to have it installed and configured, and then make expensive maintenance payments year after year that offer few new features or updates. Organizations were stuck with whatever they owned, even as their needs evolved. We’re using our unique capabilities to address this issue: 1. It’s economical, because organizations pay only for what they use, and we operate their software in the most expert and efficient way. 2. It’s elastic, because it grows and shrinks with changing business cycles. 3. It’s global, because everyone involved can connect from anywhere, anytime: sharing data, processes and knowledge with each other. Everything about business has become on-demand: utilities, facilities, staffing – and now we’re helping customers in all industries make the move to dynamic IT. There are 200,000 3D printers currently around the world, and that number is growing fast. With a growing number of printers, there will be a growing number of 3d printable content. is the Istockphoto of 3D printable designs. We provide makers the content to do much more with their 3D printers. Recent successes include TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Finalist/Alum, SXSW V2V Venture Finalist, X-Lab Winner.

AlGalCo, LLC has the exclusive license from Purdue University to commercialize a new technology in which hydrogen is generated on demand simply by adding water to a solid alloy comprised of 90% common aluminum. The deployment of hydrogen reduces the demand for oil as it replaces gasoline and diesel when powering any internal combustion engine or fuel cell. When hydrogen is combusted, it burns with zero harmful emissions, only water vapor. Since our feedstock is aluminum, it can be recycled indefinitely. AlGalCo is currently involved in numerous applications both commercial and for the military. Weekly, we invite all interested parties to visit our beta test site located at the city of Carmel Street Department garage. We operate a standard F 250 pick-up truck partially on our hydrogen. The results are a 15% increase in mileage and a reduction in harmful emissions. Testing for Revision 2.0 of our hydrogen on demand system is also demonstrated on the test vehicle.

Tymora Analytical Operations, LLC has been established to provide new research products and reagents to Research and Development (R&D) organizations within the life sciences market. Tymora has developed a set of highly effective technologies for the analysis of protein phosphorylation that relates to the onset of numerous diseases, most notably cancer. Tymora’s flagship products, PolyMAC and pIMAGO, greatly enhance an organization’s ability to discover and develop new therapies that combat disease.

As you can see, this is going to be an action-packed Showcase. I hope to see you there!