We are excited today to announce Powderkeg’s partnership with Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati-based startup catalyst. The alliance will harness the power of two up-and-coming tech ecosystems, connecting startups and expansion-stage companies to the talent and capital necessary to compete with larger, coastal tech ecosystems.

To kick off the partnership, Powderkeg and Cintrifuse will host two upcoming events: Powderkeg’s Indianapolis Pitch Night featuring Eric Weissmann, Vice President at Cintrifuse on April 25 at The Hi-Fi Indy and Fuse50 Cincinnati, a 1-day conference on May 17 at the Cintrifuse building in Cincinnati.

Powderkeg is a growing community of more than 15,000 tech entrepreneurs, investors and professionals building innovative companies across America. Cintrifuse is a like-minded organization, advocating for entrepreneurs in high-growth tech startups in the Cincinnati area.

“Combining the resources of our two cities, which already serve as tech powerhouses in their own rights, will attract even more funding and talent from outside of the Midwest,” said Matt Hunckler, founder and CEO of Powderkeg. “Investors and founders who previously believed that Silicon Valley is the only option for a tech headquarters have started to realize that they’re dead wrong.”

In Powderkeg’s recent Indianapolis Tech Census Report, 50 percent of tech leader respondents said they struggled to raise capital in the state of Indiana. By connecting Powderkeg’s headquarter city, Indianapolis, along with its nine other hubs, to the Cincinnati community, the opportunities for venture capital, high-tech talent and enterprise and startup customers expand.

Cintrifuse members will receive a discount to Powderkeg Founder Membership, the community-as-a-service platform, and Powderkeg Founder Members now have a Cintrifuse membership with benefits including venture investor curation, 1:1 funding advice and connections with potential customers.

“We have all the ingredients needed to build a successful tech company right here in Greater Cincinnati,” said Wendy Lea, CEO at Cintrifuse. “Connecting to the Powderkeg network builds a bridge between our thriving tech community and their national network, allowing us to amplify the momentum we’re already seeing – more capital, more talent, more growth to the region. It really is the rising tide concept!”

To learn more about the partnership, register to attend Powderkeg’s Indianapolis Pitch Night on April 25 at The Hi-Fi Indy and the Fuse50 Cincinnati conference on May 17 at the Cintrifuse building in Cincinnati.  

You can read the full release here.