work hardHow bad do you want it?

Whether you’re building a business, writing software, or writing a book—you have no idea what your limits are until you push them. You only know how badly you want it until you look back and see.

You’re consistent.

You keep building the thing that only you can see on the horizon. It’s that image on the back of the napkin that keeps you going. It’s the release of a deep breath you’ll feel when you finally solve the problem, create the value, build the thing.

You know you can see the future, so you keep chipping away at it.

But inevitably, things don’t take shape in the way you anticipate. There’s an obstacle that jolts you as it hits your body, interrupts your groove, and challenges your vision.

Doubt creeps in.

But you’re consistent.


You go back to what you know. You remember why you started. You find the energy to continue your groove or tweak your approach.

It feels right to have your tools in your hands. And so you keep chipping away at it. Every day. Building.

If you pick up your head and see how far you have to go, it can paralyze you. So instead, you look at how far you’ve come—today, this week, this year.

The fear is always there. So you starve it of oxygen.

With a vision as big as yours, there will be times when you feel like you’re going to crack. There are more splinters out there waiting to snag you.

So, how bad do you want it? Badly enough to be consistent?