If you had to do a trust-fall with Big Tech, which company would catch you? When it comes to our persona data, no tech company wins the trust of most Americans.Β 

Social media platforms are by far the least-trusted platforms, with TikTok now at the forefront of concerns about what tech companies do with the information they collect from users. No sector of tech is immune from suspicion. Only 40% of people trust Amazon and/or Apple with health data.

While we’re talking about personal data concerns in Big Tech, just yesterday, several high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked by attackers who used the accounts, some with millions of followers, to spread a massive cryptocurrency scam.

Overall, Americans believe big tech improves society. But part of suspicion is connected to company size & market dominance. 51% of people say Google and YouTube should be different companies, and 56% say tech companies should be broken up if they control too much of the economy.

Another source of Big Tech mistrust is concern about cybersecurity. We’re aware of many companies in rising tech communities doing great cybersecurity work, including:

With startups like these helping companies detect and prevent risk, your data may be better-protected. Still, many experts predict the time is coming soon when new regulations about data privacy will be enacted. Some thinkers like Andrew Yang argue we should even get paid dividends for the data we create.

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