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Kansas City

Kansas City has invested heavily in technology over the last couple of years. The city first hooked their residents up with Google Fiber, free wi-fi across 50 downtown blocks and a 125 smart LED lights that respond to activity. More recently, the city announced it would invest $15 million in a partnership with Cisco to make a two-mile streetcar corridor smart. A recent paper from the Kauffman Foundation shows that Kansas City has the third highest increase overall among the largest metropolitan areas in high-tech startup density from 1990-2010 in the United States. This might strike some as surprising since Kansas City is not in Silicon Valley or on the East Coast, however, it’s less of a surprise to those familiar with the technology ecosystem there. Kansas City’s growing tech density and its burgeoning startup activity demonstrate that the city has viability as a technology destination. Now, national technology players are truly taking note of the city and its success. – Source: Huffington Post