PowderKeg Podcast #003

This master connector has built a network that includes the likes of Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank, James Altucher creator of the James Altucher Show, Jack Canfield author of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul and Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness. In fact, he recently connected with all of them in person at his global conference Thrive. He’s an author, investor, speaker, and entrepreneur who has built a mission-driven business and life that has impacted millions.

Cole’s (@colehatter) power comes from his perspective. After 2 accidents 2 months apart, he was left me in a wheel chair. His body was physically broken, his heart emotionally broken, and his bank account…it was “broke” too.

Out of desperation and an uncertain future, Hatter pursued entrepreneurship. He has since launched several multimillion dollar businesses and lives what some might consider to be only a “dream” lifestyle. His motto is simple but powerful:

“It’s important to know how to make the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of making, but it’s more important to not sacrifice actually living your life while you do it.”

In this episode with Cole Hatter you’ll learn:

  • The art of manufactured urgency. (10:00)
  • The importance of authenticity. (26:32)
  • The importance of work/life balance. (30:30)
  • The true meaning of wealth, and the importance of for purpose business. (44:10)

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Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:


Jay Austin

Tony Robbins

Than Merrill

Lewis Howes

Tucker Max

Adam Braun

Jordan Harbinger

Robert Herjavec

John Assaraf

Jack Canfield

James Altucher

JJ Virgin

Mark Cuban

Gary Vaynerchuk


Chicken Soup for the Soul, 1993



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For me, it’s the importance of  having a balance of work and life.

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These show notes were originally posted on Powderkeg. For more episodes and show notes, check out the Powderkeg Podcast official website.