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Rich Cunningham

Reward Dragon is refer-a-friend software for local businesses (and part of this year’s Innovation Showcase). We are looking for a few more Founding Members to get early feedback. Ideal members are businesses that cater to consumers, e.g. veterinary and pet grooming, boutiques, interior design, craft breweries, etc.

brianBrian Schuster

I’m looking for an opportunity to work with a company in Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning. I have found one organization that works in NLP (http://www.wordsentry.com/) out of Indy, but I’d like to make more connections with people in this field.

jaysonJayson Manship

inSourceCode has officially launched the Fight For Small Kickstarter to validate our idea of building a community that connects local businesses with consumers.
We want to leverage our WordPress skills to build an online conversation platform. This website will empower users to blog about whatever their hearts desire and will offer never-before-seen exposure to local businesses. We believe that helping small businesses understand the importance of the Internet starts with showing them how online conversations can help them. So, step one is to create a place for that conversation. To build an online community for our community.


Indianapolis-based Digital Relevance just launched their new online publication about content promotion, Relevance.com. The new Relevance.com has brought together the sharpest minds in marketing to share the latest content promotion news and insights. It’s the first publication solely dedicated to helping marketing and communications executives solve their online content visibility challenges. Check it out here.
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