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2020 Top-Rated Culture
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AaDya Security

All-in-one cybersecurity protection for small and medium businesses.

Detroit, MI




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Company Mission

Our mission is to provide smart, simple, effective and affordable cybersecurity software solutions designed for small and medium businesses.

Core Values

We are a Team​ - We work, trust and support one another. Regardless of your role, you are an important part of our company and our future growth. Every day we strive to do these very things and are just nice to one another.
Raise the Bar ​- We inspire, challenge, and explore new opportunities to create world-class solutions for our customers. We strive to set high expectations, and then exceed them
Customer-Driven - ​We focus relentlessly on providing customers with a unified platform, pricing and services designed specifically for them.
Making a Difference​ -. We seek to leave the world a better place every single day. We do this both through our mission of making the internet safer for our customers and by direct outreach in our community.
Change and Evolve​ - We recognize our industry is changing rapidly and constantly evolving, it is important to keep up. We value your contributions and encourage you to share your ideas.
Our team members are accountable, passionate, fun, honest, bold, trustworthy, innovative, diverse, risk takers, reliable, kind, creative, caring and professional.