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Illuminate Threats, Eliminate Risks, and Command Authority with Adlumin.

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Company Mission

What you can’t see poses the greatest risk to your community bank. Your exposures lurk in the cloud, hybrid environments, and the darknet. There are countless gaps where threats can hide before they lead to business disrupting events like ransomware shutdowns or massive data breaches.

Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform and services is your command center for security operations. Adlumin illuminates the threats that would have otherwise gone unseen in the lead-up to a massive attack. Our cloud-native platform leverages powerful machine learning to identify critical threats, automates remediation rules and systems updates, and provides live continuous compliance reporting. Our platform is backed by an expert team delivering 24x7 human insights, threat hunting, and the trusted support that larger companies can no longer offer.

Cybercriminals don’t work a regular 9-5. They work off-hours, weekends, and holidays to exploit their victims tirelessly. With our Managed Detection and Response platform and services, you can relax, knowing our expert team of threat hunters and analysts have your back 24x7. Adlumin’s comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and insights, backed by a group of experts, investigate threats within 30 seconds, contain threats, and remediate them within 20 minutes. Your organization and IT teams can sleep well at night knowing you won’t wake up to your organization's name associated with a cyber incident headline.