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AirSign is an innovative aerial advertising company. We are client centered, and focus on delivering show-stopping campaigns that exceed our client's expectations. We love challenging projects and everything we do is "out of the box" and unique. At AirSign we service both personal and business clients with the following product offerings: Eco-Blimps These massive airships offer the latest and greatest in innovative technology, says advertising entrepreneur Patrick Walsh, AirSign's CEO. "Until now, clients interested in blimp adverting would have to commit to a long-term campaign with huge cost on both the production and the flights," he says. Now, and for the first time commercially in the U.S., AirSign provides an option that has all the great advertising benefits of a typical blimp campaign, but without all the limitations. Digital Skywriting In contrast to traditional single skywriting, Digital Skywriting utilizes a fleet of five aircraft flying in formation and an on board computer system synchronizes the smoke output creating messages in a dot matrix style. A Digital Skywriting team can within literally 3 minutes blanket a city skyline with a 30-character message. With each character the size of a skyscraper and messages stretching from each side of the horizon - there is no better way to instantly captivate the attention of an entire city and create massive exposure for your message. Aerial Banners AirSign offers digitally printed full color airplane and helicopter banners. With the ability to block out the sun with an 4 story tall airplane banner, or fly a helicopter banner the size of a football field, we experts at creating massive attention for your brand or message! Boost In addition to the aerial advertising products, AirSign also offers some innovative boost products. These products allow us to integrate the aerial product with and amplify your other marketing efforts, while measuring the data and providing detailed metrics.

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