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Andromeda designs and builds web-based software products that work for people

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Denver, CO


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Company Mission

Our mission is to facilitate connections between people in an ethical, accessible way, using technology when necessary.

The Andromeda vision is to grow a diverse team of inclusive and creative people, train them in technology and design processes, and empower them to pursue their own goals and ideas while rewarding collaboration and humility over productivity.

Core Values

  • People First: We put people ahead of the technology in all of our services and decisions. We focus on user experience, helping build inclusive and accessible solutions.
  • Collaboration: We take responsibility for ongoing relationships by collaborating around clear documentation, and providing direct and consistent communication.
  • Consistency: We set clear expectations and then perform to them, using pragmatic solutions that deliver value to the people who use them.
  • Discovery: We're always learning new things, sharing what we know, and exploring the world with open eyes.
  • Colorful: We welcome the whole person in all stages of business, including unique passions and quirky personalities. Our goal is to be a friendly, inclusive company people enjoy working with.
  • Socially Responsible: From the systems we design to the activities we engage in, we take an active role in social sustainability and civic responsibility, engaging in an ethical way.
  • Intentional: We don't achieve outstanding results by accident, but carefully consider utility, aesthetics, and flexibility in our designs along with the people who will use the systems we build.