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Athlete Network, formerly known as Career Athletes (concept group), is the largest community recommendation platform for the worlds athletes! Our members refuse to settle, and our community continually supports and encourages one another to follow their passions. By utilizing trusted curation and leveraging the natural affinity of athletes, we are shifting how the world’s 300,000,000 athletically minded individuals interact with employers, brands, content, and other athletes. The problem is that today’s platforms are cluttered and geared for the masses, providing generic results leading to frustration for driven athletes. Athlete Network has cracked the code of “networking”, and is solving this problem with our Athletic Quotient (AQ). Our AQ is a series of evolving algorithms that assimilate relevant athlete attributes, fueling our members' desires to push further in their careers and athletic pursuits. As our members continue to utilize Athlete Network, the AQ evolves creating more relevancy and defensibility of our model. Over the last two years, our proof of concept,, has been focused on the collegiate athlete market, and the results have been extremely exciting. At over 156,000 members, we are measuring very well against LinkedIn’s KPI’s at their same stage of evolution, in particular with quarterly revenue per member 3 times that of LinkedIn’s. Currently, we are focused on significantly expanding our business from the very limited collegiate athlete market to encompass all athletes, including competitive and recreational athletes (golfers, marathoners, cyclists, etc.)

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