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Boulder, CO


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Company Mission

Our mission is to unite biopharma, physicians, and patients to transform the standard of care and improve outcomes with personalized diagnostics. We envision a world where all critical diseases are diagnosed early and treated quickly with the guidance of personalized diagnostic solutions, so humanity can thrive without the burden of disease.

Core Values

T.I.M.E. is a limited resource that we must ruthlessly prioritize.

As leaders, we are each empowered by these values to drive open communication and deliver clear and actionable insights to optimize decision making.


We are inclusive.

Our culture is built on respect, transparency, trust, integrity, and individual accountability, creating a diverse community where everyone can prosper.


We are nimble.

We quickly adapt to anticipate healthcare needs by providing scientifically-driven, innovative solutions.

Making an impact

We are confident.

We tackle important clinical questions to improve people's lives.


We get results.

We set exectations high. Our empowered, motivated, and competitive teams, work together to boldly overcome barriers./p>