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BirdBrain Technologies LLC is devoted to cultivating creativity and computational thinking by providing flexible and inspiring products that engage students & teachers in programming and robotics. BirdBrain is the maker of the Finch Robot and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit. The Finch is a small robot designed to inspire and delight students learning computer science by providing them a tangible physical representation of their coding. The Hummingbird is a kit that allows students to create and program robots built from electronic components and craft materials. Their products have been used by tens of thousands of students to explore computer programming, learn poetry, host robot petting zoos, create combined physical & virtual games, and much, much more! BirdBrain Technologies is proud to be located in Pittsburgh, PA, also known as Roboburgh due to its fantastic assemblage of robotics companies and research. Much of that research goes on at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, from where BirdBrain Technologies emerged. The Finch and the Hummingbird were initially developed to support parallel research projects at Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab. Our founder’s Ph.D thesis discusses the design process and philosophy behind the research leading to the creation of the Finch and Hummingbird, which stemmed from a desire to expand the concept of robotics, making it more universally appealing. A large part of our mission is to support educators interested in introducing or furthering computer science, engineering, and making in and out of the classroom. Our products are good tools in support of this mission, but they are worthless without the work of thousands of teaching professionals and volunteers. Let us know how they can support you and your students, through product improvements, curricular materials, new tutorials, professional development, or any other way. Together, they can bring more creativity, computational thinking, and fun to kids around the world!

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Company Mission

Our mission is to inspire deep and joyful learning in all students through creative robotics.
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