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Bitsbox is a provider of a monthly subscription box used to offer increasingly advanced projects that teach children to code. The company's subscription box provides monthly coding projects that teach gradeschoolers how to program application through a website, that runs on phones and tablets, enabling children to learn to code in a hassle free way. It teaches real coding with crazy fun projects that come in the mail every month. Bitsbox was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

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Core Values

We believe two things: that every kid has the right to learn, and that it's our job to make stuff that works for every kind of kid.

We believe a bunch of other things, too:


Grownups who make the decision to raise kids are doing their best. $12 electric razors come with instruction manuals; human children don't. We owe it to parents to provide them with beautifully designed educational materials that will help them get through the days, months, and years it takes to produce functioning members of society. We've got your back.


Educators work hard at hard jobs for a lot less than people whose jobs are easier and a lot less important. They deserve our respect and our support, and we commit to providing them with tools and materials that will make their jobs—and their lives—better.


There's more than one way to learn, and different teaching styles appeal to different kids. People have been trying to figure out math education for at least a thousand years, so we shouldn't be surprised if it takes a while to figure out computer programming for kids. Our teaching method is one of many. Try lots to see what works for you.


When it comes to customers, we follow the Golden Rule. We're people, you're people; let's try to make life easier for all of us.


Companies are founded by people who then recruit more people who share their vision for a brighter future. Work isn't always unicorns and rainbows, but it should aspire to be. People get sick, have hobbies, have babies, lose loved ones. Companies should treat employees with dignity and grace. There's a lot more to life than W-2s.


Bitsbox doesn't care what you look like, what you sound like, where you're from, how you got here, or who you love. We know that life is tough and that the only way forward is to link arms (proverbially) and keep fighting for a fairer, kinder, more equitable world for everyone.