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Blackink IT

You grow your business, we'll take care of your technology.

CybersecurityInfo Tech
Indianapolis, IN


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Company Mission

Blackink IT has been rooted in Indy since 1993. Our passion for technology and caring for customers has been our cornerstone since then. Our people are at the core of what we do. Our mission is to provide best-in-class Managed IT operations and infrastructure services that equip small and medium enterprises. Our goal is for clients to focus on strategic growth while we focus on keeping your technology at its peak performance.

What does the BlackInk IT team like to do for fun?

We go out on company outings sometimes. We also like to have lunch together every other Friday. We talk about things that we did well on within the week, and things we need to work on. Sometimes it has other topics.


Sales Support Specialist


Core Values

At Blackink IT, we are a team of professionals that are passionate about technology.


We focus on providing the best opportunities for our employees to advance themselves, their careers, and the organization. We believe in exuding excellence through our core values:



OWNERSHIP: Commitment to self-responsibility resulting in a willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of you for success.



INGENUITY: The quality of being clever, original, and innovative in applying ideas to meet challenges.



RESPECT: Appreciating the value of diverse opinions and developing approaches to varying situations with dignity.



INTEGRITY: The principle of acting with honor and truthfulness in relationships.



The octopus is a perfect representation of who Blackink IT is. With eight arms, the octopus shows that it takes more than one skill and talent to support and manage IT operations. It takes a colony to do the job right - which is exactly what we bring to the table.


Leadership Styles

73% Democratic
What do you think?

73% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Democratic leadership style.

Democratic leaders build consensus through participation and value collaboration, team leadership and communication.

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