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The only PR agency dedicated to B2B SaaS

Indianapolis, IN


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Company Mission

Be the best SaaS PR agency in the U.S.

What does the BLASTmedia team like to do for fun?

Anything involving a snack or a drink always brings us together! We also do regular office-wide social events including things like Trivia, TopGolf, happy hours and more.


Senior PR Manager

Public Relations

Core Values

Seek growth - As an agency we seek to help our people grow professionally, personally and physically. We strive to constantly learn and encourage people to be genuinely curious.
Hustle hard - BLASTmedia believes in results and working hard to get them. Hustle hard means doing what it takes to meet personal and professional goals; putting in the effort needed to overcome challenges.
Enjoy life - Enjoy life means taking time to do what you love and be with the people you love, as well as finding joy in the work we do together. We work hard to get the job done, but we understand it’s not worth it without enjoyment; we always build in time to celebrate big wins.

Leadership Styles

75% Coaching
Try this.

75% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Coaching leadership style.

Coaching leaders promote the independence of their employees and excel at productive, motivating conversation and feedback.

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