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Zencastr makes it easy for podcasters to record their guests in studio quality directly from their web browser. Unlike other call recorders (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Phone) that record all voices – including VoIP distortion – on the host's computer, Zencastr records each participant separately on their local computer in pristine quality. Simply send a web link to your guests and they will automatically join you in a live VoIP connection. Press record and each participant's audio is recorded directly from their local microphone without any VoIP compression, artifacts, or dropouts. Once the recording is complete, each solo track is uploaded to the Zencastr cloud as well as conveniently synced to the host's preferred cloud drive (Dropbox or Google Drive). Featuring a foolproof design and relentless focus on quality, Zencastr is the perfect tool for brand new podcasters and veterans alike. Optionally record in high quality MP3 or lossless 16-bit WAV. Having a separate track per participant makes editing a snap. Don't want to mix the tracks yourself? Zencastr's 'Automatic Postproduction' service will mix the tracks for you and perform a specialized set of audio enhancements to provide you with a professional sounding mix ready for publishing in minutes. The software starts with an 8-hour-per-month hobbyist tier for free, or a $20-per-month professional tier which includes lossless WAV recording, Automatic Postproduction, and unlimited guests and recording time.

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