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Braviant Holdings

Braviant Holdings is a Chicago-based fintech company that uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to make smarter lending decisions. Our products transform how people access credit online by streamlining the borrowing process and creating a path to a better financial future.

Chicago, IL




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Company Mission

A path to prime: our mission is to offer financial solutions that help non-prime consumers graduate to lower rates as they work toward prime credit.

Core Values

1. Think like an owner: be proactive, resourceful, and creative; seek opportunities to add value.
2. Act with integrity: respect your colleagues and our customers; do the right thing every time
3. Solve problems together: build on each other's ideas; collaborate to find the best answer
4. Innovate and iterate: combine intuition and data to methodically test, learn, and refine; strive for continuous improvement.
5. Measure and celebrate results: track performance toward key targets and milestones; celebrate victories big and small