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At Briotix Health, we build relationships with you and your workforce to deliver meaningful results in employee health. We focus on musculoskeletal injury and disability prevention; leveraging customized next generation technology to optimize results. Our three areas of focus are Industrial Sports Medicine, Office Ergonomics & Health and Small Site & Specialized Solutions. Industrial Sports Medicine – Just like an athletic trainer keeps athletes on the field and healthy or returns them back from sprains and strains more quickly, we do the same for your workforce. We address early discomfort with OSHA compliant discomfort management techniques. We coach, train, and work with your workforce on best practices. We help them individually with any musculoskeletal impairments they might have that make them susceptible to injury. We investigate and address workplace hazards like ergonomics and safety hazards to reduce risk of injury that way. Our programs can be delivered onsite or virtually – think "telemedicine for injury prevention." Office Ergonomics & Health – Briotix Health has built next generation software to help organizations empower employees to manage their own ergonomic risk and help employers and our team build relationships with your workforce so that we can support them in the process when they need it. That support can be delivered onsite or virtually. This approach helps you manage large programs with a very small investment and optimized efficiency. Small Site & Specialized Solutions – Briotix Health is often called upon by our clients to perform ad hoc risk analysis, job analysis or other projects related to ergonomics, wellness, return to work, and employee health. We are a full service, global ergonomics consultancy that can help with any specific workplace need that you might have. Based in the United States, the company serves clients in all 50 states and 63 countries. Please visit the company's web-site at

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Caring for your workforce and building a healthier workplace....since 1979.
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