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Buckle is a full-stack insurance and credit platform that partners with Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) to provide financial products and services to support the gig economy, made up of 55 million Americans and growing.Through its program management strategy, working with its TNC and reinsurance partners, Buckle divides the US$15 billion gig-economy insurance market into different segments of drivers and fleet operators. Buckle’s current gig economy programs include its signature hybrid auto product, taxi, limo and nonstandard auto (NSA). The general theme of all these programs is that they help supply drivers and vehicles to various TNCs (such as Uber, Lyft, Doordash and GoPuff), forego the current credit score methodology heavily used by traditional financial institutions, and are powered by Buckle’s technology and data throughout the insurance and credit value chains.

Jersey City, NJ




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Company Mission

Buckle provides financial products and services to the shared economy.

Core Values


Unlike most insurers, we don't ask about your credit history because your credit is none of our business.


We promise to let integrity drive how we behave, however we are engaged with you. Integrity will guide us to do the right thing for you, for your family, and for your interests.

People, not customers

This isn’t just a transaction. Drivers aren’t just another policy to us. They are individuals with unique needs. We work hard to provide them with the best service that keeps them comfortable, happy and covered.


We promise to provide you with the best insurance experience possible. To do so, we will tirelessly innovate and evolve our products and services to best address any need you may have.