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Calibrate is a digital metabolic health business that provides a virtual program for weight loss. It is creating a new category by improving metabolic health to drive long-term, sustainable weight loss with a program designed by world leaders in obesity and nutrition science. Calibrate combines FDA-approved metabolic medication with a holistic curriculum and 1:1 virtual coaching sessions that drive lasting behavior change. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in New York.





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Company Mission

“Our vision is to put you in control of your health. Calibrate is changing the way the world treats weight by bringing decades of proven metabolic science to everyone, everywhere.”

Core Values

We’re in this together.

Lasting weight loss and metabolic health takes the right team. Our doctors, coaches, specialists, and advisory board members work together to ensure you’re supported through every victory, setback, and comeback.

Small wins create big wins.

We want long-term results for every Calibrate member, so everything we do is in service of creating enduring and empowering habits. We know that small, simple steps can add up to something much greater than its parts, so that’s what we do.

You’re in control.

Your Calibrate program fits your life and your progress, not the other way around. Throughout the year, you’ll connect regularly with your doctor and coach, making it easy for them to personalize your goals, cheer you on, and make adjustments in real-time.

Real results matter.

We don’t do instant gratification—because it doesn’t work long-term. The Calibrate program combines what’s been scientifically proven to lead to lasting results and, over the course of a year, helps you make it your new everyday.