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CarBuckets is a Group Buying for Cars® SaaS marketplace that leverages economies of scale and solves most of the pain points associated with the car-buying process. CarBuckets has opened the competition to dealers across the country as a way to get car buyers (and leasees) the lowest price on their new car. We group car buyers nationwide based off of the brand of car they want to buy. Dealers around the U.S. compete against each other by giving their best price for each car in the group. The dealer with the overall lowest price wins. With CarBuckets, car buyers can skip the dealership altogether. They'll receive a quote, review the paperwork, and sign the contract — all from the comfort of their own home. At the end of the process, our partner dealers ship the car to a buyer's home or office.

Wynwood, FL


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Group Buying for Cars®
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