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Company Mission

Great content takes time. And effort. And commitment. In particular, it takes a lot of work to produce, publish, amplify, and measure audio and video content, which is why we created Casted. We’re the only content marketing platform built to empower marketers to access, amplify, and attribute their audio and video content to fuel their content marketing strategy.

Core Values

Own Your Part.
Just like a crew rowing a boat, every member of our team plays an important role in getting us from where we are to where we want to go. When we all understand how the ship moves and the value of our individual contributions, we thrive. At Casted, we own our roles on this ship and we row together.

Pursue The And.
Part of taking ownership of our roles at Casted means constantly pursuing ways to optimize, innovate, delight, and exceed expectations. We don’t stop at the obvious or take “good enough” for an answer. When faced with an “either/or” decision, we instead pursue the “and”.

Fuel With Curiosity.
At Casted, we know that not any one of us has all the answers. So we approach our roles with humility and take ownership of our responsibility to learn and grow. We seek to listen more than we speak, and to be faster to ask questions than dictate answers. Our work is fueled by curiosity.

Fill Your Cup.
At Casted, we work hard. We show up ready to give and grow. But, we know it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. So before we pour into anything or anyone else, we fill our own cups first. We take care of ourselves and encourage others to do the same.

Pour Into Others.
We’re a team, so we act like one. We pour into each other, our customers, and our partners. We seek ways to give and to share, and to be generous with our resources. SaaS moves at 1million mph but we always slow down enough to say thank you and celebrate one another along the way.