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Company Mission

The core reason we exist is to create unmatched experiences for clients and employees. An experience like no other is less about the event itself and more about the positive feeling you get from it. We deliver that unmatched feeling by always being willing to help, treating clients like friends, doing what it takes together and putting you first.
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I like working with sharp, professional people who help challenge and expand your view and skills. I've already learned so much from the Centric leadership team here in Indy and nationally. Coming to Centric has helped make me a better leader.

Raquel Richardson
Raquel Richardson
Raquel Richardson

Practice Lead for the Indy Operating Group

Leadership Team

Core Values

Live a Balanced Life
Commit to Delivery Excellence
Invest in an Exceptional Culture
Embrace Integrity and Openness
Practice Responsible Stewardship
Strive to Innovate
Ignite Passion for the Greater Good

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