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Company Mission

At, our mission is to humanize the interaction between businesses and mass amounts of data with our AI assistant, Athena.

Who does well at your company?

Our Director of Business Devlopment has provided huge support for the team. He regularly asks questions like, "what do you need from me to be successful?" Then follows up to ensure that he's supporting us with our needs to ensure overall success. Couldn't be happier to be working under someone that's not only the company's success but also each individual's success. He continues to have an attitude of progressing the careers of his employees and helping us to reach our career goals as well.


Sales Development Representative

Sales Team

Core Values

Collaborative - Together we can win. Different levels of experience, skills, and backgrounds brings us closer together as a team. We row the boat synchronously and in the same direction.


Committed - Being a startup, every role is critical. Commitment to become a world class company is so important. When everyone shares the same vision and works together, the sky is the limit.



Creative - Disruptive innovation through unconstraint thinking is critical to building an AI platform that can win. Everyone is given a valued voice to suggest on strategy, vision, product features and execution.



Customer Focused - Own the (customer’s) Outcome is our mantra. We must deliver the best solution that will make our customer win. Everything we do is done with the customer's view in the forefront, prioritizing how our solution helps our customers and ensuring our customer gets the best value.