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DealMachine helps real estate investors get more deals for less money with software for lead generation, lead filtering and targeting, marketing and outreach, and acquisitions and dispositions.

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Indianapolis, IN




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Company Mission

Give everyone the power of real estate investing.

What is it like to work on your team?

I came to DealMachine from a company with zero transparency or upward mobility, and I can't tell you how much of a change it was to start at DealMachine. The entire team is so supportive, and feedback is encouraged at all levels. The work/life balance is amazing, as well as the flexibility when life happens. The transparency from the whole leadership team should be an example to all companies of how to make their employees feel included and that they have a stake in the companies success. The pay and benefits are very competitive, the unlimited PTO is exactly what I was looking for, and we are given all the technology we need to do our jobs effectively. I can't say enough good things about working for DealMachine!

Rachelle Wood
Rachelle Wood
Rachelle Wood

Customer Success Manager

Client Success

Core Values

There’s no need for overtime

At every level of our organization, each member of our team is so efficient, organized, and precise that there’s never a need for anyone to work outside scheduled hours. Our processes are crystal-clear and we get things done right the first time. When our team is spending time with their family and friends, they’re not distracted by thinking about work problems. There’s no overtime, and that includes mental overtime.


Always tell the truth

There’s never a need to hide a mistake because each of us is confident enough to own it when we’ve done something wrong. When we discover an issue, we proactively tell relevant DealMachine members just that. The raw truth is so rare that we benefit from the immense trust that we’ve built with each other and our members. It’s a huge advantage for our team. We know that spinning bad news in order to sound “better” does not fool anyone. We confidently disclose problems and communicate right away: “We don’t have a solution yet but we are working on one.”


Take ownership

Everyone operates under the assumption that if something has gone wrong, it’s our own fault. We do not sit back and continue to watch problems grow. We know that we all play a crucial role in the success of DealMachine, and therefore we take individual ownership when things don’t go as expected. When a DealMachine team member observes a problem on another team, they work through their leader to solve it, or step in to help gracefully without fear of political repercussions.



Document what we learn

Every time someone solves a new problem, completes a process, streamlines an existing process, or learns something new, they add detailed notes and instructions to our Playbook so that everyone on the team can learn and grow through each other. This allows everyone on the team to be fast and efficient.



Read the play

Our team does not need to wait around for detailed instructions before jumping into a project. Each of us are confident in our roles, and when we’re given an outline of what needs to be done, we know that we can find a way to accomplish it without someone watching over our shoulder at every step.


Have hard conversations

Without hesitation, our team is ready to have difficult conversations from the moment an initial problem occurs. We’ve built immense trust as coworkers by being open, forthright, and tackling problems head-on as soon as they arise. We never have to worry that someone is holding on to negative feelings.


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