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Decode Health is a precision medicine analytics company that fuels radical collaboration among an ecosystem of industry-leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic and technology companies. Over the course of a decade, Decode has built a highly accurate, scalable data platform. Decode leverages this platform and its deep know-how across genomics, clinical data, social determinants of health, and other healthcare data sources, to bring actionable insights into focus quickly. With its partners, Decode is creating data assets, products and services that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Recent projects include genomic data creation, biomarker discovery, RNA diagnostics and broader population health analytics. Speed to value and acceleration of results are key - Decode helps its partners solve complex problems and establish a repeatable innovation program up to 20x faster than the status quo. Decode has spent much of its development looking at autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis and IBD as well as other more prevalent chronic diseases, such as diabetes, COPD, CKD, and cancer.

Nashville, TN


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Company Mission

AI using multiple datasets, including social determinants of health, to identify and manage health risk early.