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DISQO is an audience insights platform fueling brand growth with complete and actionable insights into human experience. DISQO offers a transparent knowledge exchange between business clients and 20M+ lifetime consumer members. A platform as a service built on an ethical, permission-based technology foundation, DISQO offers automated and managed services to query consumer-members and learn from their opinions and journeys across all touchpoints, desktop, and mobile. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Glendale, CA, DISQO is recognized as a fast-growing technology firm and a great place to work, now with approximately 200 employees.

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Glendale, CA




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Company Mission

DISQO is a next generation consumer insights platform that delivers unprecedented data and analytics. DISQO powers insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness. We’re building a truly differentiated consumer insights platform, which connects consumer attitudes and behaviors to deliver unprecedented insights that are transforming the world's largest market research agencies, analytics companies, and brands. This data helps our clients understand user behavior, build better experiences, and make better decisions. We utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative, out-of-the-box strategies to collect and analyze insights which help shape the products and services of tomorrow.

Core Values

Opinions + Actions

At scale for the first time, measure consumer beliefs and behaviors on a single platform.


Cultivate breakthrough insights with a fully consented, cross-platform view of consumer experience.


Understand the whole consumer journey; measure brand and performance lift for total campaign impact.

Speed & flexibility

Question and test every strategy, product innovation, and marketing program in minutes.