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DroneSeed is making reforestation scalable--to make a dent in carbon emissions. It is paid per acre to plant tree seed vessels with DroneSwarms. It is one of the most advanced drone companies in the US as it has obtained three precedent setting FAA approvals. It is the 1st and only company allowed to operate heavy-lift drone swarms each carrying a 57lb payload. It is also the first to be able to operate heavy lift swarms BVLOS (Beyond visual line of sight). Its customers include timber companies, non-profits such as The Nature Conservancy, and government agencies. It was founded by Grant Canary in 2015 and went through Techstars Seattle in 2016.

Seattle, WA




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Company Mission

DroneSeed is paid per acre to plant tree seed vessels after a wildfire -- using heavy-lift Drone Swarms
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