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Element Three

Element Three is a Carmel, Indiana-based marketing consultancy that works with culture-conscious leaders to transform their brands and generate market demand.

Indianapolis, IN



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Company Mission

Foster growth in people and business so they can change the world.

Who does well at Element Three?

My department tackles all aspects of agency and project operations. We try to keep the machine well-oiled, so nothing breaks and everyone can focus on what they do best. Collaboration is key since problems appear and evolve quickly.


Senior Project & Resource Manager


Core Values

Look to truth: See the real problem — then solve it. Eliminate BS. Build trust transparently. Honor the confidence clients place in us and advance the cause with conscience. Keep it real with others and with yourself.

Decide business first: Focus on business results — for our clients and for Element Three. Know and own the business impact of your decisions.

Say "yes" to hard things: Greet challenges enthusiastically. Participate courageously. Put in the work and learn through doing. Embrace discomfort. Resist quitting on others. Find humor in the struggle. Know that repetition leads to expertise.

Practice emotional intelligence: Bring your best self to each interaction. Be fully present. Listen thoughtfully. Challenge constructively. See things from others' perspectives.

Delight with excellence: Make the day for someone. Create consistency and impact — in big and small ways.

Get it done: Come through for people and projects so often that it would be impossible to believe if you didn't.

Leadership Styles

96% Coaching
Try this.

96% of survey respondents said their manager employs a Coaching leadership style.

Coaching leaders promote the independence of their employees and excel at productive, motivating conversation and feedback.

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