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Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. They accomplish this by providing rigorous business analysis and robust advisory serivces that connect companies with the resources they need to succeed long-term. As a not-for-profit organization, they are able to offer unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations. Emerging, high-potential businesses Elevate Ventures seeks out business endeavors that identify a need in the marketplace and are well-positioned to successfully transition from research to product development to market. High-performing, Indiana-based Companies These companies grow local economies and employment throughout Indiana, in addition to attracting and retaining top-level talent for the Hoosier state. Rigorous business analysis Comprehensive due diligence is critical to determining the long-term financial viability of these companies. Robust advisory services Elevate Ventures provides more than just capital, they partner with entrepreneurs, investors and other local and state organizations to ensure the best return on investment. Resources to succeed long-term In addition to financial resources, Elevate addressees other market barriers, which may include management, business development, talent identification and retention, and specific technology development challenges. They don't just write a check and walk away - they help sustain business success and growth over time. Unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations With a seasoned staff and a host of proven outside partners, they provide objectivity and insights that are among the best in their profession.

Indianapolis, IN


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