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Eterneva is a developer of diamond technology intended to convert cremated ashes of loved ones into memorial diamonds. It is a consumer technology company and grief wellness brand that has established itself in the industry by providing customized experiences to grieving families in their time of need. Eterneva was developed to understand, listen, and help create a lasting memory of a close friend, partner, or family member who has passed through a memorial diamond. Eterneva provides support to help create, establish, and maintain an ongoing physical memory through one of the most permanent forms that exist in nature. Because the catharsis of transitioning beyond the loss of a loved one to a lasting memory is so personal, Eterneva’s team works to achieve full communication, transparency, and experience with every customer so the end result honors their memory in full. Adelle Archer has been featured on the Inc 30 under 30 List.

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Austin, TX




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Company Mission

We celebrate remarkable people & pets by making diamonds from ashes
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